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Time to rebuild Nigeria



THE 2019 Presidential and National Assembly elections have been won and lost. Notwithstanding the complaints of rigging, cheating, how things added up and how things did not add up by the People Democratic Party’s (PDP’s) Presidential candidate, Abubakar Atiku, the Presidential candidate of All Progressive Congress  (APC), Muhammadu Buhari stands the winner as declared by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) .
What matters most now is getting Nigeria to work better and bringing all on board irrespective of tribe, religion, political alignments and political party affiliation.
NIGERIA is a vast country of over 180 million people with over 83million registered voters and many unregistered voters spread across her 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory whose collective and individual needs vary. The people’s several needs yearn  to be met directly or indirectly by the leaders through governmental and non-governmental  policies and programmes.
Given that it is possible that there are leaders who may not know what the populace really want, a recall of issues that featured during campaigns will help. Issues like restructuring, islamisation, candidate endorsement, Boko Haram insurgency, agitations for an independent Biafra, money in politics, herdsmen attacks, recurring violence, vote buying, general insecurity, among others played a role in the outcome of the election.
THOSE issues and more reflect the current most immediate concerns of the populace. Elections, being more about the people than the candidates. We urge those who newly secured the people’s mandate to address their real needs. We also urge those who are not satisfied about their loss to seek redress through the court. Violence must be avoided because no society has ever gained from it. Losers should resist attempts to address the issues by themselves.
FOR the winners, especially President Buhari who has been elected for the second time, National Light urges him to work towards bringing all the opposing forces that have dotted the country in the past three years of his administration together in unity.
HE should first of all address the lopsided federal appointments to reflect  ethnic, cultural and religious babarics as well  federal character. Also, the issue of restructuring should be  addressed, as well as herdsmen/farmers crisis, Boko Haram, religious intolerance, general insecurity, poverty and unemployment, among others.
WE believe that creating jobs, building the economy, accountability and most importantly, embracing modern technology and international best practices in the way of governance will do a lot of good to Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as a people.
LEADERS at all levels, particularly political office holders  should endeavour to invest as well as create realistic conditions to encourage entrepreneurs to make investments instead of stashing away money and waiting for the next election to release it for procurement of votes. While Nigerian youths are encouraged by policies, reorientation and skills’ training to be enterprising and innovative and develop sense of duty as well as ability to also  learn from the streets, there is need for our leaders to support them and reduce poverty by creating job opportunities and empowering them through acquisition of skills. Laying lesser  emphasis on educational qualifications but on productivity ,practical, skills  and ability  to deliver will engender growth in the country.
IT IS well known that the country’s GDP is dropping while quality of life and ease of doing business are not improving, especially as business people  still find it very difficult to establish firms, export or  import goods into the country due to unnecessary bottlenecks and bureaucracy. While urging  governments to address these, we also want to   state that over dependence on oil is not only unhealthy and anti development but also retrogressive.
TO get things work better, government must embrace new technology. That is the route the countries of the developed worlds took over 100 years ago . Nigeria must embrace modern technology, the sciences and especially in ICT. Since nothing drives economy better than ICT, innovation and creative enterprise, there must be interest in encouraging them.
FRAUD, graft and sharp practices in all forms kill nations. Law enforcement agents, internal accountability agencies, including authorities in companies, organisations, local communities, religious bodies and civil society should be made to embrace the ethos of accountability, making the books clean and thorough.
THE war against corruption and financial mis-management should not be made to be on TV screens and newspaper pages. Justice must be done and seen to be done irrespective of who is involved to make Nigeria work.



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