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Unproductive paid workers: People without conscience



AN Economist said, “we observe that many of us may ordinarily choose to stay and fasten ourselves on the bread of idleness if not for the treat of hunger. It is the desire to overcome the scourge of hunger that many of us perhaps, seek employment to earn the income that will enable us keep our bodies and souls together.’’
Could it be rightly said that a woman who is employed by a federal university in Nigeria to receive mails, ensure they are delivered to the owners but does not do her work rather decided within her to come to work early in the morning as directed by the institution and sit idly and watch letters, mails, certificates fly about in office, had accepted the offer of appointment just to earn salary to escape the treat of hunger?
A staff of the said federal institution, Obumname Uche narrated his sad experience with the woman staff in charge of all mails and said, “the university approved my traveling to oversea to receive a one month intensive training sponsored by certain organization abroad.
At the end of the training, the certificate of participation was not immediately issued to us but was later on sent through NIPOST services and I needed the certificate to add to my C.V.
Continuing, Uche said, “I became worried as other people from Ghana, South Africa amongst others had received theirs and the school that trained us confirmed that every certificate had been sent to all the countries.”
Stressing further Uche said “I went to the woman whose duty it is to receive mails and make sure it gets to the rightful owners, she denied having received such mails, I went to the office of the NIPOST in the institution, they acknowledged having received such mails and sent them to the office, where the woman works, but unfortunately for the errand boy, he failed to get the woman acknowledge when she received the certificate.
The errand boy from NIPOST had problems, he was issued a
querey as he sent such document without acknowledgments.
According to Uche, “I personally went to the office of the woman and started searching for the certificate and I discovered that there are lots of unclaimed mails, some of which the owners did not know that such mail had arrived, Luckily for me I got mine and went back to the NIPOST office and informed the office and there was joy in that office and the errand boy who almost was ready to be sanctioned was rescued.”
The problem of the woman who takes care of mails in the said institution is not absenteeism, she clocks in early to the office and to the end of the day, but she choose to sit down idle, even when she has a job to do and she is ready to quarrel with anyone who tries to challenge her.
An Ex-student of another university during discussion said, “the most annoying thing in our institutions of higher learning is that lecturers are paid sometimes they will not come to teach, in a whole semester they come to the class only thrice or four  times.
“Those who work in offices will not like to do their jobs, you notice that many students do queue up in endless lines without being attended to.’’
The ex-student said, “what baffles me most is that the job is to collect files from student and sign. They will not do that, rather some of them will sit down and tell you to come another day and continue charting with their co-workers doing nothing.”
Many government workers today have chosen to clock in early, even when there is work to do, They will make sure they did not lift up a pin until they get back home, such workers forget that the more you work, the more you learn and become experts in the field and some other people through hard work had gotten more lucrative jobs.
In his argument a retired civil servant Mr. Mike said “some people who are idle in government establishment is not their fault. Government is interested in your report to office on time and be in your duty post even when there is no work to do, though some bad eggs have used that as an excuse to while away their times even when they have work to do.”
Contributing on the attitude of workers in their offices, Prof. Ezeaku said, “forces that energize the individual worker into action come from within the very individual and it is this individual that decides from within how much effort he should make towards achieving the goals.”
Continuing, he said that  workers are central in the whole issue of motivation. This is because a man who has no desire for anything cannot be motivated to do anything here on earth, a man who comes to a place of work without any aspiration cannot be motivated to work hard no matter whatever management may try to do. Perhaps the only thing that can keep him on is the use of external force such as punishment. In essence, if there must be improvement in productivity in any organisation; the workers must develop high ambition for themselves and for the organisation. In other words they should be eager to see themselves grow and prosper materially and also to see the organization grow and prosper.”
Prof. Ezeaku calls on the management of institutions who expects productivity from their work force and said “Management that really wants people to see themselves as responsible officers who should show initiative and enthusiasm and put in optimal effort has the first task of ensuring that there is a systematic, serious and continual effort to place workers right first. A man properly placed feels challenged to improved performance, Management must show sound planning and spotless housekeeping if workers must learn its examples. And management must be seen by the workers to cherish integrity above all virtues. A management that lacks integrity destroys the enterprise because it cannot convince the workers to put in peak performance.
Therefore the growth of any enterprise is always a joint responsibility of workers and management.

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