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In Nnewi, Umu-Ojukwu kins rebuild obi



THE rebuilt ancient Ozuobi Umu-Ojukwu Onyilogu kindred in Akaboezem Uruagu Nnewi  has been commissioned.
Speaking after the commissioning, an illustrious son of Umu-Ojukwu,  Eugene Ojukwu said that the rebuilt Ozuobi, which was a mud edifice for the gathering of their kindred in the past would be celebrating point for them once a year as usual. The occasion, according to Ekeson Martins Chief Executive Officer, has continued to attract all sons and daughters of Umu Ojukwu Onyilogu in Akaboezem Uruagu Nnewi as re-union point.
He disclosed that their ancestral father, Ojukwu, had six children whom  resettled to various areas within their Ozouobi. He mentioned particularly his grand father, Ezejiburu, who was a God ordained herbal practitioner who was known for his gift of solving women’s pregnancy problems.
Chief Ojukwu finally said that Umu-Ojukwu in Akaboezem Uruagu Nnewi had continued to work towards the development of the community. He commended the present head of Umuojukwu, Chief Joshua Ojukwu, who oversees the functions of the Ozuebu, especially for his recent sharing of plots of land to all without rancor and bitterness.

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