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Follies of democracy in Nigeria



ABYSMAL electoral malpractices and the magnitude they are being perpetuated in current electoral dispensation is nothing short of degeneration of human dignity. They come across as symptoms of acts of failed men in a failed society. We are experiencing a very desperate attempt to foist an electoral process that is best described as nightmare; a quagmire, sabotage on the institution of democracy and abuse of the people’s collective sensibility. The intrigues, manipulations and arbitrary acts of impunity are alien to modern democracy.
In a free democratic institution, all the people and parties involved will not only be sanctioned but prosecuted and be given very long jail sentences for derailing the most important democratic business which is the electoral process. Such persons or parties that are found culpable will never take part in any form of democratic exercise.
Have you ever pondered the reasons INEC gave for postponing an election due to hold less than six hours before schedule? The reason given for such monumental destabilization of the people’s preparedness to exercise their franchise as stipulated and programmed; in itself is a heinous crime against the people and the state. It smirks of incompetency and portrays pre programmed electoral body that lacks authority and is compromised. Going by what we know about this electoral umpire, the authorities severally reaffirmed their readiness and preparedness considering the fact all the logistics and financial requirements were met long before the election date. The INEC Boss promised Nigeria free , fair and a hitch free exercise.
How come stuffed ballot boxes thumb printed with a particular party were seen making rounds in some towns and cronies of the country? I still challenge Nigerian’s that a free and fair elections is attainable in Nigeria if we are committed to it, especially this era of high-tech. computerized world. It will not be shameful to employ a reputable foreign company to design and deliver an electoral process where one can ever vote from his comfort zone and those in Diaspora will also participate. We see that other countries have long out lived this stage of electoral dysfunctionalities.
Can we imagine the level of degradation the show of shame has brought to the image of this country in the eyes of the international community? Let’s consider this aspect of this saga – ‘postponing election six hours before election time’. I am aware that so many people traveled a very long distance to participate in the voting exercise. They not only invested time but also money for the trip all to exercise their franchise. Can we imagine the foreign observers, friends of the country who devoted their time and resources to see that the country will smoothly carry out this exercise hitch free and the disappointment and inconveniences this will cost them will be unquantifiable as a result of this reckless and premeditated postponement? Can you imagine the business communities that closed their shops for two days to patriotically involve in these voting exercises? How much did Nigeria lose in a very short interval of time without the government given a hoot?
It is worthy of note that more than 50% of those people who suffered this disappointments will not be able to make it a second time this Saturday. They have been tactically disenfranchised, denied of their fundamental rights to cast their votes or to observe what transpired in the process of election. I happen to know that it’s only a sick country that will let this abnormality happen to its citizenry. We vividly remember that a public holiday was issued and everything was grounded to a standstill to pave way for this exercise, but here we are. We are going to have another paralyzed two days causing a colossal loss of fortune and inconveniences to the entire nation and its supportive friends.
Let us all as we prepare for this election this Saturday watch out for those vices that has kept this nation still and unable to grow – impunity, desperation, corruption, nepotism. All will be knocking on your door, do not bulge.
Time has come for Nigerians to take proper details of their undoing, watch out for those who would wish to perpetuate more atrocities and show of shame and pencil them down for tomorrow’s judgments. We have to resist anarchy in all ramification; we have to forestall every form of intimidation for the purpose of rigging this election.
INEC must be mindful of the repercussions of another failed attempt at umpiring a free, fair and credible election. The success and failure of Nigeria’s system solely at this point lies in their hands. The security apparatus of the Nigerian state should be vigilant and must not be seen to be partisan. Nigeria must survive now or never.

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