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APGA, Agric Ministry donate pumping machines to Nri farmers



IN a bid to promote farming  in Anambra  State, two water pumping machines  was donated to  vegetable farmers in Nri , Anaocha LGA.
One of  the  pumping machines came from Anambra State Commissioner  for Agriculture, Afam Mbanefo, who  was represented by the Special Assistant to Governor Obiano on Agriculture,  Obioma Mbanefo.
According to Mbanefo  in his address to the farmers, the sole purpose of donating the water  pumping machines is to guarantee the  security of most of the farmers who are mainly elderly women. “It was discovered that some of these elderly women wake up as early as 4:30 am to fetch water to water their vegetables from a nearby lake, with buckets and sieves, and in the process, a woman was attacked by a crocodile. It saddens me that the woman’s leg will be amputated”
He further disclosed that the commissioner paid a condolence visit and made a donation for the recovery of the victim of the crocodile bite. He also stated that the wife of the governor , Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano  has promised to pay for the artificial leg and provide wheelchair as well. He therefore assured the farmers that the issue of the crocodile will be dealt with as small fences will be built to hinder the crocodile from disturbing the farmers.
The second pumping machine was donated by the members of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) , Nri ward 2. According to the chairman of the ward, Chief Pascal Okeke, the purpose of the party donating the pumping machine is due to the fact that they want to promote mechanized farming. According to him, “Nri  sells vegetable to Neni, Nnewi, Awka and other nearby places.I  am  very optimistic that with mechanized farming, we can be able to export vegetables to other countries.” He equally mentioned that he made a donation to the victim whose leg was badly bitten by crocodile, and assured that solutions will be made to tackle the problems.
Lectures was delivered by Akojieze Godwin, Chief Crop Research Officer ADP and Ezedinugwu Christopher, Chief Agro Forestry Officer and Land Use Management, ADP,  who lectured the farmers on effective ways to get rid of weed and pests, including the type of manure and planting system they should adopt.
Mbanefo further, assured  that competitions will be organized in schools and that students who took first place in agriculture will be rewarded with scholarships as a bid to promote agriculture in the state. He also promised  to provide an over head tank, as well as fertilizers for the farmers.
One of the farmers, Mrs. Beatrice was grateful for the intervention of Mbanefo and the commissioner and  prayed for all the contributors and donors.

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