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Reject old politicians – Onyeka



ISREAL Bernard Onyeka is an Awka-based legal practitioner and hails from Achina, Aguata Local Government  Area, Anambra State.
A brilliant lawyer and public affairs analyst, Onyeka has resolved to practice what he has been preaching and writing in the newspapers. He is very passionate about rule of law, justice, equity, fair play, tolerance, national cohesion, et al which are envisaged and even encapsulated in all types of government the world over as “Good Governance”.
Onyeka, who is from Ward 1,  Achina, is a member of Advance Democratic Congress [ADC]. He is a committed Christian and wants to practicalise Christian virtues in the representation of his constituency.
On what motivated him to sort of suspend his lucrative legal practice for the murky waters of Nigerian politics, the vibrant and vociferous legal practitioner said: “I want to contest the position of a member of House of Representatives for Aguata 1 and 2.   I humbly wish to solicit for goodwill, support and votes of the entire Aguata people who have been at the receiving end of democracy dividends due to lack of dedication of the past representatives.
On the popularity and acceptability of Advanced Congress of Democrats (A.C.D) whose Motto is “Justice, Peace and Growth” , Onyeka said: “The political consciousness of Aguata people has improved greatly with the result that they no longer look at political parties but the credibility, antecedents and pedigree of the political aspirants. This  awareness was what inspired me to come out and by the grace of the Almighty God, this civilized mindset of our people will make them to vote massively for me irrespective of the party platform i am contesting from”.
On the selling point of ADC, he said: “The beacon of our party are encapsulated in the following core needs of the Nigerian masses viz: “Democracy forever, bye-bye from pervasive poverty ravaging the entire segments of the society, devolution of powers which in common parlance is called “Restructuring the Nigerian Federation for true fiscal federalism as was before the first republic, among other policies and programmes that place the country on sustainable socio-economic growth and development”.
On his agenda when he goes into the Green Chamber, he said that he would be diligent enough to pursue the following five agenda for his people namely:
Attraction of more Federal Institutions into the Aguata Federal Constituency– This will translate into more job opportunities for our teeming workforce.
Attraction of International donors and the Federal Government to various erosion sites within the Aguata Federal Constituency to reclaim them for better economic activities; Lobbying other members of the Federal House of Representatives to facilitate the inclusion of Awka-Agulu-Uga-Arondizuogu-Okigwe Federal Road for reconstruction and dualization of the said road to boost economic activities within the area; Lobbying other members of the Federal House of Representatives to facilitate the establishment of Federal University of Entrepreneurship studies, Umuchu or in the alternative, Federal Business School Umuchu, and  Empowerment of our youths through skill acquisition and facilitation of take-off loan or grant through Bank of Industry.
Concluding, he said: “My dear good people of Aguata Federal   Constituency, for over 18 years of Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation, we cannot mention any tangible dividend of democracy that our past and present representatives had attracted to the  constituency. The existing federal presence we are enjoying was attracted by His Excellency Dr. Alex Ekwueme, of blessed memory.” He rhetorically asked:.”Shall we continue to do the same thing in the old style and expect a new result? Shall we continue to recycle the same old politicians who had been representing their selfish interests and still expect a positive result?
“My Dear Good People of Aguata Federal Constituency, we can change this abnormality by rejecting the old politicians that had been sitting on our destinies and failed to spur the socio-economic growth and development and empowerment of our people.
“My dear people please vote for me to have a new perspective in representation. I am the quality candidate you have been yearning for, who sees and feels the way you feel; Let us join hands and achieve the change we all have been wishing by voting a man of many parts who empathises with the constituency. God bless you.

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