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Library marks 2019 World Cancer Day in ground style



 IT WAS indeed a moment of exposition, recalibration of mind and public engagement, as the Anambra State Library Board joined the rest of the world to mark the 2019 World Cancer Day through a cancer awareness campaign.
The event which was done in collaboration with the Gran Hermano Academy, Awka, took place at the C.W.O. Hall of the St. Anthony Catholic Church, Ihembosi in Ekwusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State, and featured walks, talks, lectures and questions and answers on cancer.
Presenting a paper at the event, a Health Officer, Mrs. Geraldine Ikenwa highlighted and condemned some of the health-threatening practices and abnormal consumption patterns people indulge in these days, such as: too much consumption of fast foods, smoking, too much intake alcohol and can foods, living in dirty environment, too much consumption of salt and sugary things, cooking with insalubrious condiments, too much work/stress, self medication, among others, which she said are enemies of good health and debilitate health wellbeing both immediately and futuristically.
She further recommended some health-promoting mechanisms such as: eating balanced diet and natural food at the appropriate time, having enough rest, eating enough fruits and vegetables, exercising to burn fats, among others, and advised the participants to embrace such and also to immediately consult a doctor on noticing any unusual feeling or symptom in any part of their body, for appropriate and quick action, as, according to her, this helps in early detection and prevention of disease.
Earlier in her opening speech, the Acting Director of the Prof. Kenneth Dike Central E-Library, Dr. Nkechi Udeze who explained the significance of the day, reminded the audience that cancer is not gender selective, as against the incoherent assumption that the sickness is only for women, and charged everybody to hold such campaign to a higher esteem and take full advantage of it whenever it comes across, given that every health matter requires utmost attention and priority.
Dwelling on this year’s theme of the World Cancer Day, which says: ‘I Am And I Will’, Dr. Udeze revealed that under her watch, the Library started championing the cancer awareness campaign since 2016, due to the great importance therein,  recurring cases of the disease and the gargantuan number of death recorded annually as a result of the deadly disease, and charged everybody to be thematically part of the campaign in his/her own little corner.
In his highly simplified lecture, another health professional and guest lecturer at the event, Dr. Arinze Ijezie highlighted and explained various types of cancer alongside their symptoms, all of which he said have no particular cause(s), but can be prevented from spreading to the other parts of the body on early detection. He dosed out certain health tips and charged everyone to embark on regular checkup and screening when witnessing any uncommon symptom, as early detection can enhance easy prevention and curtailing of various sickness.
In a vote of thanks, a stakeholder in the community, Barr. Chinweikpe Iwuchukwu who described the event as apt, eulogized the organizers, as well as charged the people to appropriately utilize and practice everything they have learnt in the program.
Questions and answers on cancer, as well as rallying round Eke Ihembosi Market from Umuabu village, with the cancer awareness banners and flyers added glamour to the event.
World Cancer Day originated in 2000 at the first World Summit Against Cancer, held in Paris, and is globally celebrated annually on February 4th with the aim of raising awareness about cancer and educating people on how to fight the disease.

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