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I’m for people oriented bills – Ani



PRINCE  Ozioma  Ani  of the Young Peoples Party ( YPP)  is vying for the House of Representatives ,  Enugu North and South.  He is contesting for the first time.
Ani said that ” We live in an environment  where people  promise us what they will do without fulfilling  it. Public service is all about the people , not “I” but “We”.
He said that he stimulated his manifesto in one document  and would sign it if he won before going into office so that if he failed to keep his promises, people  would hold him by his words.
Ani noted that some people  do not know the policies  of the government  because  ” our representatives do not represent  us well”.
On his plans for his constituents, he said,  ” We will be able to meet with  our constituents. Today, we live in an environment  where our representatives do not even know  their constituents. Enugu has higher institutions with good brains. So, why didn’t we have intellectual  hub in Enugu? ”
The YPP’s House of Representatives candidate  said that one of the things he intended to do if elected was ” to overhaul  the whole  curriculum  in our educational  sector.  Today, what our children are taught in schools  do not match with what their counterparts  are taught abroad.  I will initiate and promote people -oriented bills.  Nobody thinks of people -oriented bills, all they do is to think of Executive Bills”.

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