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Former Miss India apologises for racial abuse on Iwobi



Ex-Miss India and Bollywood actress, Esha Gupta has penned an apology letter to Alex Iwobi and Arsenal for sharing a racist remark directed at  the Nigeria international after the Gunners were beaten by Manchester United in the FA Cup.

Gupta came under fire for posting on Instagram a WhatsApp conversation with a friend who described Iwobi as a gorilla.
‘”I am extremely sorry for my ignorant action last Friday. Being an ardent fan of many years, I was deeply engrossed and caught up in the game,” Gupta told IANS, according to
“For this, I am deeply regretful. I cannot begin to imagine how much I have hurt your sentiments. Racism has absolutely no place in my heart, and I promise you, for whatever it’s worth, going forward this will never happen again.”
In her letter to Arsenal, the 33-year-old club ambassador realized she was wrong and promised to turn over a new leaf.
“I hope the club can accept my humblest apology and give me the opportunity to make amends. I promise to be very responsible from here on,” she added.



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