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Awka needs investors in entertainment – Prince Neche



Prince Chinecherem is an Awka-based standup comedian, master of ceremony and social entrepreneur who goes by the stage name,Prince Neche. In this interview with SAINT AUGUSTINE, the Nnamdi Azikiwe University graduate shares his views on the entertainment industry in his base and his upcoming concert. Excerpts:
WHAT is the programme, ‘My Confession 3’ all about?
My Confession is an annual Comedy concert that I organise yearly. It’s an avenue where I get to gather my friends and fans and treat them to a night of exclusive comedy and music.
It is also a time to talk about the past years of my life using jokes and humour. This year is the 3rd edition of this show, hence the name, “MY CONFESSION 3”. It is going to be mind-blowing and extraordinary.
Who are those to expect?
This year’s event will have some A list comedians Like Josh2funny, Bello kreb, Last Prophet, Mc Tboy, Unku Sp… etc.
We will also have musicians like Hype Mc, Don Carta and a host of others.
When did you begin your career in the entertainment industry?
I will say in 2011; that was when I performed in my first major show at House on the Rock Church in Enugu. It was such an opportunity to perform that very day.
Who are your role models?
I actually love Bright Okpocha (Basket Mouth) and Kevin Hart. However, I seize any opportunity to learn from anybody.
How would you rate the level of entertainment in South Eastern Nigeria, especially in Awka?
The entertainment industry here in Awka is growing. At least, people are learning to accept the concept of a comedy concert and also appreciate Comedians.
Although, the industry still has a long way to go,  because so many things are still not the way they should be. I strongly believe that if investors would come in with more funds, it will attract more traffic and boost  entertainment in Awka.
What are the challenges you experience in organizing this show?
The major challenge has been the issue of sponsorship. Imagine a young man like me pulling off an event of this magnitude on my own without any major sponsor.
Imagine putting in about N2million without sure hopes of getting it back. It could be quite disencourging.
Have you been nominated for any awards?
(Bursts out laughing) Hahahahahhaha. So far in my career, I have been nominated for over 25 awards and by God’s grace, I have won over 17 of them.
What was your first major break in the industry?
That would be in 2014, becoming first runner up in the AY Maltina Open Mic Challenge… It opened up some doors of opportunity to me and kind of made my name known in the East.
If you had not ventured into entertainment, what would you have ventured into?
(ponders) Emmm, I think I would still have been an entertainer, maybe as a full time musician or a professional footballer.
Where would we see you in  five years time?
In five  years time, by Gods grace I will be here on earth, doing big things.



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