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Beyond beauty in fixing artificial nails



I CAME to a cosmetic shop with my friend to buy powder. To my  surprise, I saw a lady packing various brands of artificial nails. They vary in designs which makes their prices vary. They include: Acrylic nails, silk nails, glass nails, French tips and gel nails, amongs others. They cost between N500 and N2, 500 each. This got me thinking of what actually is behind artificial nail fixing.
Ladies fix artificial nails in the name of fashion to improve their beauty. It makes them look beautiful and attractive to everyone around them. It makes them stand out from their fellow girls. They also use it to attract men because some guys like to date ladies that fix artificial nails.
Fixing of nails has indeed become the talk of the town as some ladies cannot stay without artificial nails. Such ladies feel that another way of complementing dressing which is really making waves among women today is fixing artificial nails.
They feel that nail fixing and looking good is everything without considering the consequences. Experience has shown that fixing artificial nails can cause damages to the natural nails and sometimes, attract infections. Infections also occur when the nails are too long or rigid or when the nails are applied with unsanitary tools. Apart from these, some ladies cannot cook or do any house chore such as washing of plates, clothes, etc when they fix nails.
It has been observed that artificial nails can equally make female students  lack concentration while lectures are on-going in schools because they cannot take down notes as some ladies find it difficult to hold pens and write because of the length and rigidity if the nails. Nursing mothers that fix artificial nails also find it very difficult to bath their babies.
The worst is that dirt hides under the artificial nails, sometimes causing infection. Artificial nails are sometimes, very difficult to remove and in the process of removing it, damages or injury occur to the natural nails. The chemicals used for easy removal of the artificial nails can hinder the growth of the natural nails, according to research.
Even though wearing of artificial nails seems to have come to stay, some people interviewed by National Light have these to say:
Onuta Maranatha, a student of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, said that she doesn’t fix artificial nails but likes those ladies that fix it because it looks good on them. She however, highlighted the negative effect of artificial nails, saying that some ladies don’t fit in with house chores and don’t want to do anything at all to prevent the nails from spoiling. She said that she love her nails when they are natural and advised people that fix nails not to fix it always to avoid too much dirt which leads to diseases due to infection.
Oyatabu Jacinta, an undergraduate of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, said that ladies fix artificial nails to look beautiful. She disclosed that she likes artificial nails, especially normal length for her to be able to do her house chores. She also listed the negative effects of fixing nails, such as damages to the natural nails, injury during fixing or removing and falling off of the natural nails. Her advice to ladies that fix artificial nails is that they should fix the normal length “tot too long, not too short” in order to allow them do their house chores.
An elderly man and a woman who do not want their names in print see those that fix nails as marine agent and will not allow those ladies to serve them.
Christain, from Awka, said that there was nothing bad in fixing artificial nails and that he wouldn’t mind dating a lady with artificial nails, provided she has good character.
Evangelist Nonso Okafor from Shiloh World Chapel, Abuja, said that fake nails make ladies look fake or artificial instead of being natural. He maintained that he detests fake nails and wouldn’t like to marry a lady that fixes nails. He also said that, the artificial nails attract demons or evil spirits and that some ladies don’t know the origin it. ‘Some ladies, if they want to cook, they will use the same hand and dirt, colour and chemical used for the nails will enter inside the food. He said he would not like to eat  food cooked with fake nails or allow any lady with fake nails to serve him.

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