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Referees security still problematic in NPFL



REFEREES harassment in NPFL is thought to be a thing of the past, not until when a match official was beaten and seriously injured in matchday 3 of the just resumed NPFL.
After a prolonged and unnecessary break, the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) resumed amidst what was supposed to be a joyful start to a new season, it was marred by fan violence on referees.
The League Management Company (LMC) took action by administering fines on the club responsible. Now everyone thought it will end.
Match day three came, the referees felt safe again, another incident broke out which saw the center referee for the match between Remo Stars and visitors Bendel Insurance – both teams newly promoted – Bethel Nwanesi badly beaten by the fans because of what they felt was an improper officiating from him.
It is only matchday three and Nigerian football has witnessed two attacks on referees, what should be the position of the NRA if the LMC keeps acting like a toothless bulldog?
This is the second attack on a refree in a season that has not reached half of its schedule. Plateau united were banned and fined five million naira earlier this month for crowd disruption and violence, but the problem still persists, leaving the security not the referees in doubt.



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