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Idemmili Leaders of Thought to host debate for candidates



A SOCIO-CULTURAL group made up of elites and stakeholders from Idemili North and South known as “Leaders of thought (LOT) has slated a political chat with all aspirants into the legislative chambers within the constituency.
The decision to invite the political aspirants was reached during their monthly joint session/meeting of the group which held at Idemili South Local Government Headquarters, Ojoto, recently.
The group’s joint chairman for LOT Idemili North and South, Bartholomew Agbalam, said that there was need to know the manifestoes of candidates from the constituency and hold them responsible if they renege.
Moreover, Chief Agbala said that they intended to use the forum and communicate as one voice the pressing needs of the constituency made up of 17 communities to the aspirants.
He said that although the Nigeria Constitution made provisions on the rights to vote and be voted for, but as elders of the communities, they intend to advice the contestants on the need for zoning during subsequent elections.
“We as the mouth piece of Idemili, comprising of eminent persons from the 17 communities have the responsibility to call our illustrious sons and daughters and tell them what we want them to do for our constituency”
“We need to hear their manifesto, reach an understanding that they should keep their promises when they get into office. Enough of empty promises and deceitful talks during electioneering campaigns”, said Agbala.
Chief Agbala said that the LOT from Idemili North had an existing zoning formula for people contesting for House of Assembly likewise their counterpart in Idemili South.
However, he said that for the Federal House of Representative there was no zoning formula yet, adding that any person from Idemili North or South was free to contest in the 2019 elections.
“For now we allow anybody to contest for the blue chamber because we have not reached on zoning formula before this 2019 election but we intend to maintain one tenure. After which it will be the turn of the other LGA”, said Agbala
“For the House of Assembly in Idemili North, it is the turn of North East (Abetete, Uke, Ideani, Oraukwu) to produce a candidate irrespective of any political party affiliation”
“We also zoned the Idemili North Chairmanship to North North (Ogidi, Eziowelle and Abacha) any person contesting from these zones will receive our support and blessings. In Idemili South there are such zoning as well”, said Agbala.
At the end of the session a seven-man committee headed by Dr. Obi Okafor was appointed to facilitate the invitation and coordination of the political chat.
The political chat which comprises of aspirants for House of Assembly, Federal House of Representative and Senate is slated for January 31, 2019 at council headquarters, Ogidi.
Meanwhile, the chairman IDSLGA, Don. Unachukwu, warmly welcomed the LOT thanking them for the fatherly advisory role they are playing in the L.G.A, adding that he, as member of the body would always support implementation of their proposals.
Chief Charles Obadike and former chairman, IDSLGA, Chief Edwin Egbobe, advised the body to always endeavour to maintain their prestige and integrity, reminding them that the LOT was not a body of hungry politicians seeking people’s patronage.



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