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Seeking a great 2019



2018 has paved way for a brand new year 2019, which presents before us vast and varied opportunities in different fields of human endeavour.
UNDOUBTEDLY, Nigerians faced a lot of challenges last year ranging  from recession, inflation, corruption, armed robbery, kidnapping, killings by Boko Haram insurgents, herdsmen attacks, workers strike, electoral fraud, vote buying, flooding, religious intolerance, unemployment, poverty and the activities of yahoo boys, among others and the new year presents hope for good tidings for Nigeria and Nigerians in general.
INCIDENTALLY, 2019 is an election year and both the incumbent government in power at the federal level and others vying for the presidential position are promising better life for the people.
HAPPILY, President Mohammadu Buhari, in his New Year message to Nigerians, assured that the year will be pivotal in the nation’s quest for change and acknowledged the huge infrastructural deficit, which he said his administration had been making intense efforts to address.
“WE are making significant inroads in advancing roads, rail and power projects across the country”.
HE equally assured the citizens that security of lives and property is still top of his government’s agenda.
IT is our belief that if Mr President will genuinely pursue all his promises in his New Year message to the country or whoever wins the forthcoming election adheres to his or her campaign promises, the country will witness positive changes economically, socially, politically, security wise and otherwise.
THE fact that 2019 is an election year makes it wear a totally different look from the past year as political campaigns and the election are already attracting much public attention.
OF COURSE, the 2019 general elections is expected to be a time to consolidate and build on the gains recorded in 2015, which was adjudged to be substantially credible and transparent, even to the global community.
As the ‘Giant of Africa’, the global community knows that whatever happens in Nigeria would eventually get across the whole of Africa, which is why they show keen interest. Political gladiators should therefore be civil, cautious and play by the rules for a successful free, fair and credible election.
IT is our hope that the campaigns will go on devoid of hate speeches, and campaign of calumny, which had taken over the polity. We call on the political class to exercise restraint, with security and electoral institutions being fair, neutral and apolitical, while the electorate must resist vote buying for a concrete electoral system that will meet global standard.
APART from free and credible election, National Light and indeed, the entire Nigerians are looking forward to 2019 as a year of serious economic growth, devoid of very avoidable growth of violence, flooding, collapsed buildings, fire incidences, epileptic power supply, incidences of road accidents, killings by Boko Haram insurgents, herdsmen attacks, domestic violence, rape, obtaining by trick, corruption, hate speeches, tribal or communal wars and religious intolerance.
WE seek a year where poverty in Nigeria, instead of increasing by six every minute, according to statistics, will be decreasing by 10 every minute; where the 13.2 million out of school children  will go back to school; where workers and pensioners will be paid their salaries, gratuities and pensions as and when due; where we will record zero industrial actions by workers of different categories; where emerging diseases will not have a chance and our leaders and well-to-do individuals  will trust our medical facilities and reduce medical tours among Nigerians.
WE seek a year that will record zero pupils abduction by terrorists, a year of practical decorum on the use of mass media where mudslinging, skewed information and social media brigandary will reduce to the barest minimum and a year Nigeria will be counted among the countries getting close to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), even as we wish Nigerians a year of divine grace, favour, love, peace, protection and all round prosperity.

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