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SSANU protests delayed payment



SENIOR Staff Association of Nigeria Universities (SSANU) Nnamdi Azikiwe University branch,Wednesday,staged a warning protest against the Federal Government of Nigeria, demanding that the agreement reached between the union and FG should be met.
The staff, who walked round the school premises were singing solidarity songs, holding placards with inscriptions such as ‘No Retreat No Surrender, ‘Stop Marginalization’, We Demand Social Justice’, ‘Impunity Must Stop’.
Other placards held by the protesting staff were: FGN release the N8billio to non teaching staff union; FG give education priority; Uni-Zik Management, implement our hazard allowances; Govt re-instate university staff school workers ; FGN pay us our minimum wage .
Speaking to press men, Comrade Njideka Nwangwu, chairperson SSANU Uni-zik branch, said, “This is a warning protest and what is coming next will be more than these if the FG don’t do the needful. This protest started since Monday and this is the third day.
“In 2009, FG and the union signed an agreement and till date, the implementation of the agreement has not been done. In March this year, a template was released by government. The template contained every allowance to be paid. FG sent those templates to all universities and since March, they said they had been waiting for modalities for debasement.
What the FG is suppose to do is to collect the particulars of every staff from the bursary unit but these was not done.
“This protest serves as a warning to some universities who have refused to honor the National Industrial Court judgment and to those institutions who have not recalled the staff they laid off to do so.
“In our own local branches, FG released one hundred and seventy two million to non teaching staff and the payment of the money was killed. There are errors in the payment. The hazard allowance has not been paid. Some of us received N7,000 while some received N3000 as these allowances are supposed to be N15,000 for junior staff and N30,000 for senior staff monthly. We don’t know what the N7,000 and N3000 is meant for.” She frowned.

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