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Xmas hampers: Tradition that never fades



DOES anything signal the arrival of Christmas more than a hamper packed full of tempting food and drinks being delivered to your door step?
A Christmas hamper is a traditional gift containing some non perishable food items, particularly seasonal favorites such as drinks, beverages.
To some people, Christmas is a magical time; delving into hampers evokes memories of excitement and delight. Where did this wonderful gift come from?
The concept of hampers began in France, with basket filled with treats introduced in England as early as the 11th century, Wicker baskets have been used for the safe transport of food for over a century.
It was during the Victorian era that giving Christmas hampers became really popular. Wealthy Victorian families and employers would prepare luxury food hampers as thank you gifts for their staff. As a result of massive development of the rail networks at that time, the staff would often send these food hampers home to their families.
Some people are of the opinion that hampers are a perfect gift for any occasion with the wide selection available while the tradition of hampers was as gifts for families during festive seasons. It is recently that corporate gifts giving has become popular. Many companies who like to reward dedicated staff or thank valuable clients choose Christmas hampers to do this.
A beautifully presented hamper filled to the brim with delicious wines, chocolate and luxury gourmet treats will delight any client, family and make any staff member feel appreciated.
Choosing to give a gift hamper during Christmas will delight and excite clients, staff, family and friends, creating Christmas memories for the future, reminders of Christmas past, but best of all giving pleasure in the present.
Our correspondent who visited some supermarkets and markets across Ibadan observed display of hampers of different sizes in the markets.
At a shop in Dugbe, where hampers were displayed, the seller of the wares, Mrs Adetoun, said that the hampers had different prices depending on the size and contents inside.
Adetoun said some were sold for N10,000, N15,000, N25,000, depending on the size. She noted that she is making sales but not as expected due to the situation in the country.
However, Adetoun acknowledged that hampers are ideal gifts for Christmas.
Another seller, confiding under anonymity said that due to the economic situation in the country, some people would prefer if such moneys are given to them directly instead of hampers.
A businessman based in Ibadan, Mr Akerele, informed that he loves being given hampers during Christmas, adding that such a gift comes with love and appreciation.
A banker, Tayo, informed that though there is economic crunch in the country, some people will receive or give out hampers. She noted that the idea of giving out hampers during the Christmas celebration has come to stay with us.

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