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Xmas: Ensuring hitch free celebration



CHRISTIANS all over the world will in a few days, celebrate the birth of   Jesus Christ, popularly known as Christmas, which will be followed almost immediately by New Year festivities.
IN Nigeria, celebrations are particularly special to Ndigbo, located in the eastern part of the country. Apart from the people of the area being predominantly Christians, people of the various communities in the area use the opportunity of the holidays provided during the celebration to visit their home towns from their various locations of abode within and outside the country.
APART from providing opportunities for family reunion, most families and communities usually embark on various activities such as house warming, child dedication, marriage ceremonies, burial ceremonies, launching of development projects and programmes, among others.
THIS explains why there are always heavy traffic and vehicular movements with accompanying road mishaps during the period. The season is also characterised` by criminal activities like armed robbery, kidnapping and ritual killings, among others, because of the activities of some people who desire to get rich quick or make money to show off during the festivities.
A LOT of lives have been lost in road carnages and other criminals activities across the country during the period of celebration and if precautionary measures are not taken, many lives will be lost  this particular season.
WITH the expected heavy flow of  traffic on major roads, especially those in the South East, which can  best be described as death traps, drivers should avoid overloading of vehicles, over speeding to make  many trips to make more profit, use of mobile  phones while driving, use of alcohol and hard drugs.  They should also always endeavour to have enough sleep and rest before embarking on any journey, particularly long distance journeys to avoid falling asleep on the wheels.
VEHICLE owners should equally make it a point of duty to put their vehicles in order. People who use the season to bring out long abandoned and rickety vehicles on highways to either make money or save  money should have  a rethink as such venture  have brought about enormous tragedies and  misadventures .
THE onus lies on drivers, law enforcement agents, men of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) and commuters to play their various roles to make this year’s celebration hitch free.
WHILE men of the various security agencies should endeavour to ensure adequate security on high ways to prevent or stop the robbery activities of armed robbers and people of questionable characters through stop and search methods and effective patrolling of the highways, commuters should make it a point of duty to call drivers to order while over-speeding or making dangerous over takings. They can also go as far as disembarking from such vehicles and wait for another one if possible, as it is always better to be late than the late.
Nigerians should realise that Christ, whose birth is being celebrated  this season is an epitome   of humility and obedience, apart from  being law abiding and seek to emulate his good virtues instead of  ceasing the opportunity to make lives more difficult  for others.
THEY should bear in mind that the world wouldn’t cease to exist after Christmas and New Year celebrations .After all,  celebrations are for the living not the dead.



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