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CICM holds 2018 convention



 THE Campaign for Integrity in Christian Ministry, headed by Pastor Henry Young, also the General overseer of Lord of Host International Church, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, recently hosted its 2018 annual convention with theme., “Affection On Things Above”.
The participants were clergies and church worker within and outside Nigeria, gospel ministers from the geo-political section of the country and foreign ministers from Sierra Leone, Cameroun and Ghana.
Speaking in the convention were the host pastor, Harry Young, His wife Pastor Vicky Young, Pastor Prosper, Prophet Isa El-Buba from Jos. Ministers were charged by the host pastor, Young to choose impact or impression considering the topic, ‘Saving Yourself and Those That Hear You’,stating that , there should be a difference between personal ambition and passion fr souls. “Just as in Mathew18:11, ministers should focus on saving themselves and those  hearing them”.
He maintained that it is not only sin  provoke God but how leaders handle sin. They were charged to go through biblical principles, being extremely careful and sensitive to the spirit, rejecting ungodly doctrine.
Speaking to the press, Pastor Henry Young while  responding to questions  on the secret behind the expansion of CICM, said it was because he made a total commitment, giving all. “I have seen things open up where I did not make any effort. May be it is grace that gave rise to people to embrace Campaign For Integrity In Christian Ministry”.
He thanked God for his spiritual father, Dr Alfred Itiome of the Old Path Revival Commission, Enugu, whom he said  always impacted  them with spiritual grace and not on financial grounds.
“Ministers should know now that  revival has always been my focus.  A minister should stand on integrity and speak against contrary moves, even to bring a change to influence the government. This campaign for integrity has come to stay as a generational importance until God says it is enough. We will keep on until righteousness covers the earth
Be it known to all that not all ministers will like this Campaign For Integrity in Christian Ministry. Sometimes, moves like this is not for all but this is a sustainable integrity. The devil cannot kill this vision. It has been the failure of the church in grooming characters that leads.
The silence of the church over evil expands evil to keep striving. If the church had remained the pillar and ground of truth as it is supposed to be, things would not have gone bad.
I  will advice minister to always stand, not only to start but continuity is most vital. Jesus said that those that lead endures to the end. It is no longer a struggle for me because most people understand my vision. I am happy I  am surrounded by  Pastor Vicky Young, whose strength and services has been over whelming. She is a great supporter, wonderful mother to our God fearing children and all members of the congregation of the Lord of Hosts..”
Also speaking to the press was the guest speaker, Prophet Isa El-buba from Jos, who is presently the founder of the Initiative for a Better and Brighter Nigeria (IBBN). He spoke on the need for leaders to be committed to duty and be creative, adding that it takes creativity to implement a change in policy making that needs deep concentration. He said that everyone accepted to join in this solemn call to see that nothing stops 2019 election.
Ministers were all excited as some of them testified to the glory of God and  how the assembly has influenced their lives.
A Muslim convert, Pastor Ibrahim Jesus, from Cross River, testified God’s faithfulness, narrating  how God delivered him from being killed for accepting Jesus Christ in a Muslim family.. He declared that  his life in Christ is the best for the redemption of his soul from the pit of hell. He urged ministers to seek for souls’ deliverance than being ambitious for material acquisition.

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