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Christians urged to cling more closely to God



IT was a moment of joy as members of Dominion City, Awka Zone, gathered to appreciate God during their annual thanksgiving, held at the zonal headquarters, Awka. The event attracted worshippers in and around the capital city.
In his sermon, the zonal Pastor of Dominion City, Awka, Pastor Ugonna Emechebe, who described thanksgiving as an act of gratitude, maintained that gratitude is the attitude that determines one’s attitude.
Speaking on the topic; ‘Benefits of Thanksgiving’, Pastor Emechebe urged Christians to avoid living in a short memory whereby they forget easily what God did for them but rather cast their mind back on the goodness of God and from where He picked them, stressing that even if one has not gotten his or her expectations for the year, there is no need to complain.
He encouraged believers in Christ to always hold on to God’s faithfulness even if their situation seems hopeless or impossible, emphasizing that there is no impossibility with God and that instead of bringing judgment on believers, He gave them ‘Mercy and Grace’.
The pastor further outlined the right attitude of a thanks giving to include; making a joyful shout to God, describing joy as being independent of what one possessed. He flashed back to the book of 2nd Chronicles chapter 20: 20-23 where the walls of Jerico fell down as the Israelites shouted to the glory of God.
According to the cleric, “God dwells in the praise of His children and praising God puts one’s enemies to perpetual flight. Thanksgiving connects the mind of believers to the greatness of God. The end of 2018 would be glorious than the beginning”.
However, the event featured drama presentation, praise and worship as well as thanksgiving.
Similarly, the resident Pastor of Dominion City, Enugwu-Agidi, Pastor Charles Olisaemeka, has enjoined Christians to go back to the drawing board and check the main purpose of Christmas, saying that if Christians should understand the purpose of Christ’s coming, their mentality for Christmas will change.
According to the pastor, the person being celebrated actually came to seek those who have fallen short of His glory. “He came to give His life as a ransom to as many as would believe in Him. Christians should emulate Christ who is a role model of righteousness, mercy and compassion.
He urged Christians to remember that the essence of Christmas is to celebrate Christ who came to redeem his people from the power and grip of sins and to become a blessing to others by putting smiles on their faces, stressing that Christians should show compassion to others who do not have access to good food and clothing in this season.
Pastor Olisaemeka, who further urged Christians to always be thankful to God irrespective of whether they have received their expectations, emphasizing that as long as there is life, there is hope and faith in God with patience, will make the expectations to manifest.

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