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Archbishop Eze advocates attitudinal change by leaders



Archbishop of a Pentecostal Church, the Flood Plain of Jordan Church, Amawbia, Rev. Moses Chinedu Ezeh, has predicated imminent calamity for Nigeria unless its leaders (political and religious) change their unholy attitude towards God and fellow Nigerians.
He said such attitudinal changes would douse the wrath of God and redirect the nation towards a brighter future where love and patriotism for the country will engender socio-political and economic stability in the polity.
He bemoaned a situation where  politicians and those at the corridor of power are richer than the country, while their fellow Nigerians are living in penury.
Archbishop Moses Ezeh made the predication during the thanksgiving and ordination of the church on Sunday.
He said, “it is condemnation for mere mortal beings to decide how they worship God, hence, the society is drifting to anarchy, culminating in indiscipline, corruption and all forms of social vices.
The Archbishop maintained that mankind borrowed life and existence from God and are answerable to him for all actions  taken both on fellow man and God.
He said that tendency before self-exaltation has permeated persons in high places of authority and the church, rather than  giving glory to God wherever one finds himself.
He however charged those in positions of  authority to show love to their fellow man, noting that we are all equal before God.
“Many Christian leaders have deviated from the doctrine of Christ and invented doctrine of materials to suit their earthly desire, hence, the confusion in Christendom, noting also that Melchizedek, the High Priest of God had no doctrine of himself but preached God.
Archbishop Ezeh stressed that those that trusted in God and worship Him in truth and spirit have testimonies to give of God’s mercy, love and salvation, hence, we should all believe and trust in God.
He stated that in the house and presence of God, there is no distinction between man and woman since we are all spirit beings.
Highpoint of the event was consecration and installation of the first woman bishop of the church, Harmony Ezeh.

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