Mrs Nnedum for burial, December 7


REMAINS of the late Mrs Francisca Mgboye Nnedum (nee Okolocha), popularly known as Nne Joe or Osisi Iwu, will on Friday, December 7, be buried at her husbands compound, late Christopher Ndukife Nnedums’ compound, Uruofolo village, Akampisi Nri, Anaocha LGA of Anambra State.

According to a burial programme released by the family, signed by Emmanuel Eze Ken Ndukife – Nnedum, a vigil mass will be held at her husband’s compound by 5pm on Thursday, December 6, while a pontifical requiem mass will hold at St Peters’ Catholic Church, Nri, by 10am, followed by interment and funeral rites at her husband’s compound.

The statement further disclosed that condolence visits by in-laws, friends and well wishers will hold on Saturday, December 8, while an outing service will hold by 9.30am at St Peter’s Catholic Parish, Nri.

In a tribute to the late matriarch titled, ‘Tribute To Our Dear Mother: Late Mrs. Francisca Mgboye Nnedum’, one of her children, Lady Chinwe Nnedum, on behalf of the deceased’s children, grand children and great grand children, wrote:”Nne Joe, Osisiwu…… you were such a wonderful mother. Gentle and soft spoken. No matter how angry you were, it never woke-up in the morning with you. You forgave easily.

“Nne Joe, how l miss you, how we missed you. Not just me, everyone misses you. For 5days, l kept going into your room thinking you were still there. Your son in-law did exactly that. He came to the house, left us at the veranda and was moving, then l asked, where to? He answered to see Osisiwu. Immediately he recalled Osisiwu was no more. Mama we all miss you.

“We miss your gentle, soft voice. We miss your counsel. We miss your words of wisdom.

“Your memory never failed for one day. On a question, you will paint a vivid picture of what happened, how it happened with dates. And sometimes the exact time it happened. You were a reference point for us, for your nephews and nieces. Your intelligence was something else. No wonder you regretted not having educational certificates. But then you laid a wonderful educational foundation for all of us.

“Your grand children would always call you “Orimiri ata-ata”. This is because you always provided for them. There was something coming out of your pocket. That pocket you directed that must be put in all your clothings. That pocket that had money, biscuits, groundnut, ukwa etc. There was something from you at all times.

“Who would go round the house to find out what had not be done or what has not been done well? Who would go round the kitchen last thing at night to find out what has not been covered or put into the freezer?

“Mama Joe, we all have our stories to tell about you, about your life. you suffered and worked yourself to stupor that we may have it better than you did. You made 30cups of garri every afternoon and cooked 16cups of rice on Sunday. Oji-eku, Osili-ora…… you will not eat until everybody had eaten. You sacrificed for all of us, those you know and those you didn’t know. “Ejighi ife oku gburu ajo-njo” you would always say. You were kind to a fault. You were kind and caring.
“ Mama, we have learnt this and many more. We promise you that we will live by your tenets which are peace, sharing and forgiveness.

“ May you rest in peace. We will continue to remember you.
Adieu Nne Joe
Adieu Osisiwu
Goodnight Nne Ora till the resurrection morning”.


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