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Father of nine dies in inferno



A father of nine children was cut up in an inferno while  trying to put out  a fire in his neigbour’s flat in Enugu.
The man, whose identity was unknown resides at Garki Awkunanaw and was said to have returned from work and saw his wife drawing water from the well and insisted he would wait for her for  both of them to  go up together, when suddenly, he heard one of his neighbors crying out for help screaming, fire!fire!
According to our source, the man quickly carried one of the bucket his wife had already filled with water and dashed upstairs to the direction of the voice and  on getting to the neighbors flat, he  poured water to extinguish the fire but the fire caught up with him, and burnt  him from neck down.
He was  said to have been rushed to a hospital where  he later died.



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