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Where are the men?



THE cliché “Men are heads of families” is now just a mere saying.
Gone are the days when men were said to be the heads of the family, it is now a hypothesis. Now, women do almost all the jobs, caring, feeding and catering for the entire family. “Where are the men?”
It is laughable and appalling that most men wake up in the morning, dress up only to visit newspaper stand, discussing irrelevant matters that neither pay them nor put food on their tables, giving analyses on things they know nothing about and how the politicians are getting it wrong. At the end of the day, they go back home with stories to their starving families.
In the days of our fathers, a man was known by how many barns of yams he had, how many farmlands he could cultivate per season, how many wives and children he fed and catered for wonderfully. But in this present time, the worth of a man is measured by his capability to consume bottles of liquor, how much his wife and children tremble at his voice, including his lascivious lifestyle.
Most men do not appreciate their wives, they also do not appreciate how they struggle to cater and keep the families going. After a hectic and tiring day at their workplaces or businesses, they return only to meet accusations of infidelity and nagging from the lazy ‘man of the house’.
We wake up almost every day and hear stories of fathers having carnal knowledge of their daughters, uncles abusing their nieces, male guardians, raping their wards and other things that are disgusting to the ears and to top it up, they blame it on the devil.
It is disheartening that most men spend their earnings and times at bars drinking and eating. They give huge amounts of money to their mistresses but cannot pay their children’s school fees.
It is time for the men to step up to their responsibilities, let go of their pride and take back their roles as heads of their families so that the question, “where are the men?” will never be asked.

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