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15 die daily of wrong diagnosis, therapy in Nigeria – Expert



PROFESSOR of Histopathology & Histochemistry, University of Nigeria, Enugu campus (UNEC), Peter U. Achukwu, has decried the alarming rate of avoidable death as a result of wrong diagnosis and therapy in Nigeria.
Delivering the convocation lecture at the 2nd convocation and silver Jubilee celebration of Anambra State College of Health Technology (ASCOHT), Obosi, Prof. Achukwu said that not less than 15 lives were killed daily because of wrong medication.
In his paper titled Enhancing Integrated Healthcare System through Development of Scientific/Technical Health Programs, Prof Achukwu posits that “it is also a truism that a wrong diagnosis or/ and a wrong therapy is a short but direct course to the grave.
He said that people in search of cure for their different ailments take wrong approach which was consequent of their ignorance, poverty, gullibility, superstitions and even religious beliefs.
Ignorance reign supreme in the country. People claim someone or demons cause their illness. Superstition is the order of the day vis a vis uncertified drug dispensers”, said Achukwu.
“Don’t take your life for a ride. Don’t be in a haste to visit the patent medicine store without proper diagnosis. Proper diagnosis must precede proper treatment to avoid   death,” he said.
He said that an Integrated Health care system was the totality of the medical services to a people, the process of facilities for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any form of human ailments.
Prof. Achukwu lamented that the healthcare delivery in Nigeria offers little to cheer about saying that Nigeria ranked 13 out of 16 West African countries in healthcare according to 2011, M.O Ibrahim.
He said that there was inadequacy of health professionals for health programs in Nigeria.
Achukwu said that primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare systems were concurrent responsibility of the three tiers of government.
He said that World Health Organization (W.H.O) prescribed 50, 000 certified environment health practitioners but said that Nigeria could boast of only about 12,000 registered practitioners.
However, Achukwu opined that scientific/ technical health programs should be vigorously pursued and financed to drag the populace towards enhanced integrated healthcare delivery which was the only advocacy for international best practices.

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