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Foundation takes breast cancer campaign to schools



MAARAH Okafor Foundation ,Tuesday, held a  Breast Cancer Awareness  Seminar for St Lucy secondary school students.
The opening ceremony of the event, which took place at St Anthony Catholic Church (St Lucy Secondary school) Ifite Awka, Anambra State, attracted Dr Duke Nwosu, staffers of the school, students, friends and well-wishers, who thronged the school  to witness the event.
The convener, Miss Amara Okafor, during her opening speech, commended Dr Duke Nwosu, staff of the college and all present in the event , adding  that  the main  purpose of her foundation is to inform, inculcate and enlighten people on matters that can change sensitive aspects of treating deadly health issues. “My foundation is an NGO (Non Governmental Organization).
According to Miss Amara, 90% of people all over the country are suffering from cancer, because some persons still believe that cancer is a minor disease, forgetting that cancer is one of the most deadly diseases and it has killed thousands of people.
However, she pointed out that, she is in to this research not to make profit but to educate individuals who can’t afford to hear it from other sources and also to implore each and every one, most especially women, that once they notice or see anything that looks like lump on their breasts, they should run to the hospital for check up, so as to avoid it developing to cancer. Never the less, she pleaded with government to assist her foundation.
Doctor Duke Nwosu, in his lecture, disclosed that most persons still believe that breast cancer is a white man disease, while some say that it’s only for women, forgetting that each and every human being has  living cells within them.
According to him, “it therefore shows that every man has a cancerous cell. It all depends on how the individuals fight it in order not to develop”. He further stated some of the symptoms of breast cancer as developing of lump in the breast, scaly skin, among others. “If this symptom starts to show up , then one needs to consult a doctor or specialist immediately in order to start treatment before it gets to another stage”.
Mr  Nwachukwu Timothy, in his remark, congratulated  Amara Okafor, for her initiative, adding that it is not easy  for someone to pick interest in helping the masses on how one can  avoid such dangerous disease.
He advised her not to look at what she might get from the journey of promotion which she has embarked on but to continue with her successful work. He  also implored the students of St Lucy secondary school to see this as an opportunity for them to learn more about health issues.

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