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Entrepreneurship necessary for youths



THERE has been this mentality and hope of having white collar jobs among Nigerian youths, but the dream has been in vain.
Nigeria youths have faced a lot of frustrations from their inability to secure the white collar jobs.
The question now is, what is the way forward since white collar jobs cannot accommodate everybody? The answer is entrepreneurship skills acquisition because with it, there will be re-positioning both in economic development and entrepreneur drive for job creation, wealth creation and global competitiveness among Nigerian youths.
Nigerian youths need to acquire entrepreneurship skills because the labour market has been so uncertain. People looking for employment are not finding things easy; therefore, Nigerian Youths needs to acquire entrepreneurial skills in order to bring out jobs that are not there.
Nigerian Youths need to acquire entrepreneurial skills because with it, they will not dependent on white collar jobs.
They should engage themselves in acquiring entrepreneurship skills because it will make them contribute positively in life and also, arouse their curiosity in identifying their abilities and interests and how they can use their abilities and interests to making a living for themselves.
Nigerian Youths can acquire entrepreneurship skills such as hair-dressing, barbing, video graphics, make-up, jewelry making, soap making, shoe and bag making, graphics designs, photography, among others.
With the entrepreneurship skills listed and more, Nigerian youths can make a living out of them. With these, they can step in the right direction and make a living for themselves, even if there are white collar jobs available.
Nigerian Youths need to prepare themselves for the future by acquiring entrepreneurship skills so that in the absence of white-collar jobs, they can start and run their own businesses effectively.
Nigerian Youths should prepare themselves for the future by developing their entrepreneurship skills because it will go a long way to develop their intellect and make them resourceful.
Nigerian Youths need to acquire entrepreneurship skill in other to prepare them for what comes in the future.
We should not forget that the mind and the skill you have rule the man, who rules the world.

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