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Promoting vasectomy to encourage family planning



TODAY is World Vasectomy Day. On October 18, 2013, World Vasectomy Day (WVD) was launched for the first time by co-founders Jonathan Stack and Dr. Doug Stein. World Vasectomy Day (WVD) is an annual event to raise awareness of vasectomy as a male-oriented solution to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
The aim of the organizers being to pose vasectomy as reliable method of family planning.
The movement has it that adopting vasectomy is also a developed means of checking world population growth since the world population has increased over time, which according to the movement will proffer solution for the challenges associated with over population, stating that the world population will match up to about 500billion by 2050 if care is not taken.
Gender equality is another reality in their advocacy and movement. For the movement, it is not fair that greater stress, pressure and burden on contraception are shouldered by women when it comes to birth control on family planning when men who are their partners can be involved.
They feel that men should contribute to family planning by adopting vasectomy or any other method of family planning, while all girls should grow up in a world where they have a say on decisions that affect their lives. In order to realize its goals, one of its strategies is to collaborate with different governments and government parastatals, NGOs and medical associations.
However, based on the level of acceptance of the method since launching the world vasectomy day, Mexico has seen 18.1% increase in vasectomy acceptance.
WVD sixth anniversary marks another day of advocacy and activities in Rwanda where this year’s event is headquartered. The day is what organizers are confident will be the most ambitious and comprehensive event yet. Working hand in hand with local NGOs and Rwanda Ministry of Health to make the event a successful one of innovative and exciting activities and create a blue print for a sustainable vasectomy program moving forward. Yet, there are still obscurities in the method or what i may say are setbacks attributed to the method.
One will always have questions to deliberate in his mind before adopting any process. Though side effects attributed to the method may be conceald, yet speculations have it that there are. It is left to the individual to decide his choice of motive.
Nigeria, with a growth rate of 28%, accounts for over two third of the West African population.
It also has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world with contraceptive prevalence among married couples less than 10%. Despite its claims to be safe and effective, vasectomy appears to be unpopular in our environment.
Due to religious and cultural believes, some of Nigerian citizens, believe that the process is not natural and would prefer other means of avoiding pregnancy such as the use of condom, contraceptive and other pills.
Nigeria, which has different cultures and traditions sees child bearing as an evidence of fertility, especially in rural areas.

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