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Independent Consultants tour Anambra



TEAM of Independent Consultants visited Anambra State to assess the activities of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) assisted Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP).
The team carried out the assessment programme at the Agricultural Development Programme (ADP), Hall, Ministry of Agriculture, Awka.
The team leader, Peter Nnabude, at the wrap up of the assessment, said that the visit was to strengthen issues required for the progress of the programme in the state.
He noted that the team comprised experts, who were poised to see that the objectives of the VCDP activities were realised.
Nnabude, however, said that the team was unable to visit Anambra East and West Local Government Areas (LGAs), but hoped to do so as soon as the flood receded.
He added that the team was happy with activities of the VCDP in the two LGAs visited.
The state VCDP Marking Platform Officer, James Mozie, representing the State Programme Coordinator, Nnamdi Agwuncha, pledged that all that the team needed would be provided.
He urged the stakeholders to contribute meaningfully to enable the team to do justice to their work.
The state VCDP Agricultural Production Officer (APO), Emmanuel Chukwukwelu, said the assessment was an annual event by the VCDP.
“The assessment remains the major chain of what VCDP is doing in the state,” Chukwukwelu added.
State VCDP Assistant Agricultural Production Officer (AAPO), Joe Okonkwo, commended the independent consultants’ visit to the state.
He noted that this would help the data record of their activities in 2018 from Demo Plots, Farmers Field Business School (FFBS), and Seed Centre to their field performances.
“This will in turn enable them to write a comprehensive report to Abuja, the headquarters,” Okonkwo said.

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