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Why people detest teaching



I once told a student that she would make a good teacher and she replied “back to sender”. If you go to any secondary or primary school and randomly sample the opinions of students on the careers they would pursue after school, many of them wouldl proudly disclose that they aspire to become accountants, medical doctors, lawyers, engineers, among others. Not many of them would want to become teachers. Similarly, not many parents would that desire their children become teachers.
A teacher, according to Oxford Dictionary is a person whose; Job is to teach, especially in a school. Teaching is regarded as the oldest profession but unfortunately, it is no longer attractive.
It is not difficult to observe the lack of interest shown by young ones to the teaching profession. What is difficult is to understand why and how such a noble profession has been reduced to such a despicable state.
Idaku Sarah from Awka, while commenting on the development reasoned that teachers being lowly paid public servants contributes to the development.
An average teacher who has put many years of service in the public schools does not receive much at the end of the month. Compare these to what a lawyer makes in handling just one case, or to what an architect or engineer takes home after designing or building a structure; it is also not a secret that the sitting allowance of a federal legislator for each sitting is more than the annual salary of some teachers.
Wage increase for teachers is only possible after protests. The work intensity, the increasing range of duties and responsibilities that have been attached to the role of a teacher are stressful.
Apart from this, teachers do not throw money around like other professionals do. The ridicule and abuse which a teacher receives at the hands of students whose future he helps to mould are not encouraging. He is called a miser because he tries to do with the little he receives and some women or men often refuse to marry teachers”.
However, she said that a person who wants to be successful in life should not dwell on the past failures but press on because if everyone refuses to teach, who then will educate those who aspire to be medical doctors, lawyers, e.t.c.
Recognizing the efforts of government to improve the activities of teachers, she implored them to add more effort so that it will enable some students to aspire for it.
Helen Arinze , from Awka ,said that she loved to be a teacher from her childhood, she also said that some teachers could inspire students to achieve beyond their wildest expectations. During her stay in school ,she said, her educator (teacher) found the teaching moments very interesting and used humour to explain each and every thing he was teaching them which made her aspire to be a teacher the more.
“I know that every day, I will be making an impact on someone’s life. How many other fields of work can one say that every day, you are helping to mould and shape the lives of others, constantly helping to broaden the mind of students so that they can think in new ways? It’s rewarding to know that you are helping others constantly. I love to learn new things and what better ways to continue to learn than becoming an educator (teacher) .You will constantly be learning from your fellow teachers and even your students.”
However, she said, having a competency frame work was not so terrible. “ We need teachers to have observable capabilities to plan themselves to know content and related ways to teach. The skills are necessary but not sufficient. We need the relationship dimension in the teacher education package. The types of things we value in our teachers are conspicuous, so why would someone aspire to teach if the interpersonal dimension is lost. We need to help ourselves.
Charles Okoro from Awka, said that if everyone chose to aspire for other professions, who then would be their educator?
“I don’t really fancy the idea of teaching, but growing to know that being a teacher makes you to become one of the patient persons, understanding that everyone has their own differences and develop at their own rate, then I aspire to be a teacher. This is something I can apply not only in the classroom but to life in general”
However, he stated that whether a teacher is seen either from the sociological perspective or from the economic point of view, it is important to note that a teacher plays a very essential role.

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