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New Yam: Igbo highest crop celebration-IgweEzeudenna



H.R.H Igwe Michael Chidozie Ezeudena Obi- AwkaEtiti, in Idemmili South Local Government of Anambra State has said that yam was the most celebrated seedling of all the farm crops.
IgweEzeudenna went down memory lane to trace the discovery yam, stating that it’s as old as ancient humans, especially in Igbo race.
He said that the reverence yam carries had made it punishable that anybody that stole yam was regarded as committing a taboo that can spell huge punishments.
Speaking in a special comment on the present political turmoil in the country, IgweEzeudenna was not happy that the carpet crossing sea that was witnessed over 45 years in the Western Region House of Assembly has been “resurrected” by those politicians he described as unpatriotic but jump to parties that will “grace” and swell their financial aggrandizements and the welfare of the masses they lured to those parties during elections.
He said that the National Assemblies’ Political Carpet crossing set the country as the giant of Africa anti clock-wise. He remembered vividly the slogan of a late political stalwart of 60s and 70s , K.O Mbadiwe, that urged Nigerian to make a polity of forward ever and backward never.

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