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Herbal remedies for obesity



What causes obesity? Please I am over weight

OBESITY is basically an imbalance between the calories taken in and those utilised. If one takes in more energy than is necessary, the body converts it to fatty deposits, increasing body weight.
To avoid obesity one should eat foods that have these characteristics: Low in calories, rich in fiber, low in fats, low sodium content (the sodium that forms part of table salt retains water and increase body volume and weight).
Foods for obesity
Diuretic foods: These are the foods recommended for scanty urine. The diuretic effect of these foods facilitates the elimination of fluid and sodium retained in the tissues, which contributing to weight loss. Diuretic medications are not recommended for weight loss because of their side effects, whereas dietary diuretic are.
Pineapple: When pineapple, either the fruit or its juice, is eaten before a meal, it reduces the appetite. It is also slightly diuretic, which makes it a good complement for weight loss diets or treatments.
Sweet potato: The sweet potato is a good source of easily digested carbohydrates (starch and saccharose) as well as betacarotene. It is beneficial in weight loss diets because it produces a feeling of satiety that reduces the appetite. Sweet potatoes are nourishing and can relieve hunger for several hours.
Soursop: In spite of its relatively high carbohydrate content, soursop is effective in weight loss diets because it produces a feeling of satiety. Additionally, soursop is invigorating because of its nutrition content.
Cabbage: All cabbage provide a feeling of satiety because of their high fiber content, they supply very few calories. They also contain phytochemicals that protect against cancer.
Lettuce: Lettuce satisfies the appetite while producing a certain sedative effect that is necessary for those following a weight loss diet. It provides vitamins and minerals but very few calories.
Cucumber: Cucumbers are rich in alkalising minerals and very few carbohydrates and calories while providing a great deal of provitamin A and vitamin C.
Reduce or eliminate
Saturated fat: This comes primarily from animal-based foods (whole milk, cheese eggs, meats, sausages, etc) and is solid at room temperature. This is a reverse fat, stable and non-reactive, which unless one performs vigorous physical exercise, tends to deposit under the skin, between the muscles and in the abdominal cavity, contributing to obesity.
Fried foods: Fried foods always retain a certain amount of cooking oil, which contains a great deal of calories. For example, fried potatoes have between 5 and 7 times more calories than boiled potatoes.
Refined baked goods: Products made from refined flour and white sugar provokes abrupt increase in blood sugar. This forces greater insulin secretion to utilise this sugar. If the energy supplied from these rapidly supplied carbohydrates is not used, insulin transforms it to fat, contributing to obesity.

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