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Garden Of Grace Int’l Church Ends Family and Friends Service



THE Garden Of Grace Int’l Church held her annual Family and Friends’ Service (FAF) recently in Lagos. The programme serves to bring souls into God’s kingdom and to impact people positively for a transformation.
Speaking on the message tilted, “Staying in Power and Knowing Your Root in Christ, the Senior Pastor, Pastor Obi Ogbo, charged the congregants not to deviant from God, that with God’s power they can accomplish their purpose.
Pastor Obi Ogbo, in his text from “John 10:10, mentioned that staying in power is equivalent to perseverance and persistence, which is prerequisite for any achievement whatsoever. Staying in power means that all that makes for accomplishing anything.
“Following your ‘Naomi’ takes you to know God’s voice and leading. You cannot follow anyone whose voice you do not know or neither a voice that has not made an impact in you. How a person receives anyone God sends to him determines what you get.”
Pastor Ogbo declared that God sent him to Lagos to deliver his gift to the saints, referring to Romans 1:10-11; that God reaches His people through his vessel. We’re traceable to Christ he said, “Our root and foundation is in Christ. Detach yourself completely from your natural genealogy and affiliations and focus it on your real root which is Christ. No matter what happens to you, it doesn’t change the truth of where you’re from.”
He urged them to stop struggling for things with the world, knowing of there is a higher calling in Christ every knowledge you have changes you and the greatest knowledge is the knowledge of God. You cannot seek for God and not find Him. Find Him, you will discover and excavate the riches of your inheritance in Him.”
The next Garden convention tagged “Supernatural Intervention” he stated is scheduled for November 2018 at the church venue and promises to witness the outpouring of God’s blessing.

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