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Atogu’s touch of velvet in Anambra parks



“Travel like education, is unstable. You can’t break it or lose it nor does it fall prey to moth, rust or corruption” These are memorial statement in an old London Newspapers and they are even more apt in today’s world than they were when they were first written.
This assertion is derived from the level to which most countries of the world have elevated tourism as important art, science, resource and of course, business of attracting and serving visitors, and that of relaxation, as most important in this modern and ever busy world.
It is trite to note that tourists will always return to an area in which they have felt welcome and wanted; and also where the services and goods received were considered to be of fair value in relation to the prices paid.
It therefore stands to first line reason that to derive the benefits of tourism, any state contemplating or desiring to improve its tourism must give serious thoughts to its spirit of hospitality, sense of aesthetics, value for greens and the general quality of services offered to the visitors.
It is in this tourism value chain, that one can situate the spectacular work of the newly created Anambra State Leisure Parks and Street beautification Agency (LPSBA), under the charge of Lady Ify Atogu, a woman who believes in the value and importance of beauty.
The agency has obviously started offering some visible touch of velvet on the aesthetics of Anambra State environment with the beautification of nine parks at Upper Iweka and Inosi Onira, all in Onitsha, as well as the Government House, Awka, where work is currently going on. A visit round these areas will showcase a certain naturalness, greenness and serenity made possible by the state of beautification.
The agency also, has very extensive plans to work at Ekwulobia and Nnewi, the technological and industrial hub of the state.
According to the managing director of the agency, Lady Ify Atogu, “His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano, urges all the good people of Anambra State to support his administration’s robust efforts to make Anambra State greener and beautiful”.
This is a task for all of us. Anambra must be clean, healthy, greener and beautiful.
She commended Governor Obiano for his right vision and focus, robust programs and policies and his unshakable commitment to the welfare of ndi Anambra, and called on all to give him total support, even as she enjoined the people of Anambra to help her agency preserve the beauty of the state, by not destroying the artifacts or damaging the flowers.
Certainly with the high tempo of beautification work currently going on in State, it will not be long before the state assumes a new, beautiful and pleasant look that will be the attraction of many visitors and indigenes, who would need rest and recreation, to relax their minds and bodies.

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