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Cohabiting in relationship: Right or wrong?



COHABITING is simply ‘living together with’. People seem to be divided in opinions when it comes to the question of wheather or not couples that are not legally married should live together, for varying reasons.
It has become common to see young people who are engaged or merely dating cohabiting and this seems either awkward or straight out wrong to certain people. For these people, it either crosses their conservative boundaries or it runs against their logic.
According to Nnaka, a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UNIZIK), Awka, “people who aren’t married yet shouldn’t be staying together. Cohabitation is for married people because they are more equipped to deal with the consequences, not unmarried couples.”
Mrs. Joy Obi, a civil servant, on her part said, “it’s of course very very wrong and satanic inspiration. The manual for righteous and good conduct is the holy and divinely revealed scriptures for the guidance of mankind. But whoever decides to follow his/her whims and caprices might only enjoy for a short time but at the end of the day, would be filled with nothing but regrets.
“An Anonymous while speaking said, “personally, I don’t subscribe to it simply because if you can cohabit with each other, then, that is already a sign that you want to settle down with each other. So, why not go ahead and complete the simple formality of getting married in order to add legitimacy to your cohabitation? At least do a registry weeding if you feel that your pockets are not deep enough for introduction.
However, Johnpaul argued that people who are hoping to get married could live together in preparation for their marriage. He insisted that living together builds a tighter bond between the couple and that they also learn more about themselves.
He said too that living together would give them a glimpse of what being married to each other would be like, and with that they can decide weather or not they are willing to tie the knots in the long run. Moreover, he added that living together saves the cost of rent.
Judith, a youth corper spoke inline with Johnpaul, stating that “As for me, it’s not a bad idea. Infact, any man I am to get married to, we will stay together for at least three months, so that I can see how we handle and tolerate each other before going to the big Institution (marriage). Cohabitation is necessary for future couples to know whether they are both compatible or not. One shouldn’t marry someone they have not spent time with.

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