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Woman gives birth to twins in flood



WITH the heavy downpour few days ago, the flood and water level has really increased in some areas around Anambra State, especially in Ogbaru local Government Area, which is surrounded by River Niger.
An eyewitness and resident in that locality told National Light, that the whole village of Ogui-ikpele in Ogbaru local government area has been submerged in the flood and residents have since left their homes to seek refuge in IDP camps mapped out by the state government. He also revealed that a pregnant woman who was in labour was delivered of a set of twins in the water, since there was no available boat to take her out of the village.
Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Nkem Okeke, who flew across Ogbaru Local GovernmentArea on Monday morning by
helicopter, which landed at Community High School Atani, Ogbaru Local Government Area, observed the rate at which people’s homes have been overtaken by the flood. He also revealed that some people have moved up to the roof of their houses with their properties to seek shelter.
Speaking to Pressmen after going round the IDP camps, Dr. Okeke observed some shortfalls in the aspect of feeding of which the inmates lamented the poor state of services rendered to them as it regards their feeding.. In curiosity .The went to the kitchen to ascertain reasons behind the lapses in feeding of the inmates, after which he charged the cook to be up and doing as to meet up with the challenges ahead of them.
“The beginning of a cry is not always easy, it is a process. Of course, this is not a normal situation and we are trying the best we can to put things in place within a day or two by the special grace of God”, Okeke assured.
The deputy governor in his words said “We all have problems in our homes, let alone bringing people who are displaced and putting them up in camps, sometimes you have people who do not belong to any camp, leaving their homes because the state government is feeding people. But we cannot chase them away, all we need do is to continue the process and feed the people on ground, hoping that with time things will normalize”.
Dr. Okeke also mentioned that he would be meeting with National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), for a serious assessment of the situation to see how the federal government can help in supporting what the state government is doing. “Any individual who is willing to help should please do” he pleaded.
The deputy governor, who felt the pain the people were passing through, prayed the situation end soon, so that people could go back to their homes and begin to rebuild their lives.

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