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Varsity dons recommend early child monitoring



DIRECTOR of Sandwich Unit of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Campus, Uche Obidiegwu has called on the nation’s authorities to make education skills acquisition driven to impact positive values on its beneficiaries.
Professor Obidiegwu who made the call while speaking on the challenges in the education sector, noted that when children are taught from cradle that skills acquisition, learning, handwork and practice pay, the sky will be their limit in actualising their potentials.
According to the sandwich director, the problem with the nation’s education system is that it is certificate oriented rather than talents oriented.
She regretted that some students in the tertiary institutions pursue certificates at all cost and sacrifice quality, standard and practice in the altar of mediocrity.
Professor Obidiegwu expressed dismay that the situation is being aggravated by some nation’s leaders who do not have value for standard and quality and who some of the youngsters wrongly copy as their role models.  She recommended that some of these leaders be put to order for sanity to prevail in Nigeria.
She further advocated that parents, church leaders and leaders in other ramifications be properly guided to lay good examples for the youths to copy.
In a related development, a retired professor in the Faculty of Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Campus, Rose Ebenebe also charged authorities in the country, particularly teachers to be proactive in laying a solid foundation for children.
Professor Ebenebe a one time Chairman, Board of Directors in the Anambra Broadcasting Service, decried the high level of youths and juvenile delinquent acts in the society and expects teachers, religious leaders and government to be more alive to their responsibilities.

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