Film industry, tool for positive change – Chukwuka


Upcoming artist, Patrick Chukwuka, had one on one chat with our entertainment reporter CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA. Excerpts:


WHAT inspired you to join film industry?
The inspiration to be an actor has been there since my childhood. I participated in church and school drama as a child. But when I grew up, I wanted to be a lawyer. Along the line, I ended up studying theatre arts. What inspired me is that I love acting.
How many films have you acted?
I have featured in five films. Two is under contention, one is sister’s revenge.
Which of your film is most challenging?
I found non challenging because, acting is part of life. Once you have the flair, the passion, you can do anything. The camera does seventy percent of the work and if you have the requisite skills, that is the Basic Acting skills, nothing will pose a challenge to you.
How do you cope with acting and office job?
I tried to cope with both but my work is highly engaging. Just give me 30minutes to go through the script and I’m at home with the character.
Which of your works do you prefer most?
I don’t have any social work or role. I don’t have any special work or role. I give my best interpretation to all my works. One is as good as other.
What is your view on the film industry?
What can I say about the film industry? All I can say is that one thing is certain. The abuse cannot take away the usefulness of something. There have been a lot of abuses, ranging from sexual abuses, molestations, prostitution, exploitations, sabotage, obscenities, bastardisation and so on.
The people who are managing the industry are more or less businessmen and none has the interest of the industry at heart. The government is not even helping matters, they are not investing in the industry. The industry is an effective tool or vehicle for a positive change in its entirety. Once we realize the value the industry is offering us, the better for all of us.
Who is your role model?
I don’t really believe in having a role model but I have a thing for Eddie Murphy and Pete Edochie. Their voices and carriage and ability to change roles makes them unique and won my admiration.



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