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Man vomits demonic lizard during night prayers



WONDERS, they say will never end. as it was another night at the monthly tarry night of Mountain of Answers Church in Oron, Akwa Ibom State when a middle-aged man who gave his name as Bassey Ukpong, an artisan, vomited a live lizard, hours after the prophet in charge of the church, went into rigorous spiritual cleansing at the high point of the gathering.
Prophet Kingsley Ukombe popularly referred to as (ETANG EKAK), had warned before the commencement of the tarry night that those who harbour demonic “devices” used for the negative purposes and destruction of human lives and destinies including the fruit of the womb, should Identify themselves and come out for complete deliverance.
Reports said, while others heeded the announcement and surrendered themselves for the cleansing, Ukpong did not care or give a damn. But hours later National Light, learnt that at the peak of the programme, he started behaving funny, only to commence vomiting at intervals.
Our correspondent in the area, gathered that sooner than later, he sprawled on the floor and after bottle of olive oil were emptied on his head and body, the vomiting became intense culminating in a live lizard emerging from his mouth while the teaming crowd that besiege the church pursued and killed it.
Reports said when, Ukpong recovered himself, on interrogation, agreed to be involved in some demonic activities particularly on women he had sex with which resulted in the loss of wombs.
Apart from this, he also disclosed that the lizard while alive in his stomach was also responsible for the frequent ill-health of his siblings and neighbour.

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