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WWE Hell in a Cell: It’s Orton vs Hardy



AS fans anticipate on the WWE Hell in a Cell which will take place in two weeks time and the build up to the PPV is heating up on both Raw and SmackDown Live. The WWE Universe will be in line for an entertaining PPV regardless of the matches that are yet to be added to the card. Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman will write a new chapter in their rivalry inside the structure.
The same goes for AJ Styles and Samoa Joe with the WWE title on the line. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch too will write a new chapter in Women’s revolution as the Queen heads into the demented structure for the second time in her career.
We might be in line for more cell matches this year as Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy will try to settle their scores once and for all inside the signature structure as well. Despite the fact no titles are on the line and it being the fourth Hell in a Cell match of the night, this might be the match that elevates the whole PPV.
But when one comes to Orton vs. Hardy at Hell in a Cell, there is a feud that grew organically. It is not as personal for Orton as it is for Hardy. The Viper is out to cleanse the WWE Universe off its idols and celebrities. Hardy was merely caught in the way and ended up being a target for the Apex Predator.
Orton is the predator who calls himself legend killer is out to inflict pain and damage, regardless of who he is facing. Jeff Hardy is out there to defend himself, his honour and his identity.
This will be Hardy’s first time inside the demented structure and if you know the Charismatic Enigma you can be assured that he will do something crazy and memorable in there. The question is, will the WWE allow him to do all that he would want to do?
Amidst concerns for his own safety and the longevity of his health and career at this point in time, Jeff Hardy will have the fans on the edge of their seats throughout the match.
Orton on the other hand is more experienced within the confines of the cell. He will utilize the environment to its extremes to inflict damage and create disturbing images inside the Devil’s playground. He will look to end his opponent’s career come September 16.
Despite not having a title on the line, this match will very well be the match of the night. Two warriors will wage war at WWE Hell in a Cell and only one will leave with their senses intact, while the fans watch in awe and disbelief.

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