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Varsity don identifies reasons for lack of interest in education



PROFESSOR Can Nwankwo of the Department of Guidance and counseling, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has frowned at lack of interest in education among Nigerians. He observed that the indifference concerns both students and those yet to be in school.
Prof. Nwankwo while speaking to newsmen recently at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University main campus, noted that the society has abandoned the value and importance of education.
He further explained that quest for money has taken over the minds of the youths.
According to him “the society has abandoned the values and importance of education. The height and the hunger of reaching to the zenith of education are no longer there. Young minds are just interested in making money. They are losing interest because their friends and the people around them who are not in school are driving big cars and building houses and these has made even those already in the school system to lose interest and those wishing to go to school are beginning to have a change of mind.
“People no longer want to know how others make their money, they are only interested on luxury and lust for material things”.
Prof. Nwankwo urged the National Orientation Agency (NOA), to engage their effort in creating awareness, adding that more campaign should be made on the importance of education.
“The NOA needs to do more in re-awaking the consciousness and value system of Nigerians. The advantage of schooling and acquiring knowledge can never be overlooked”, he submitted.
On the part of the lecturers and teachers, he advised them saying, “more research should be made by teachers and lecturers and also quality hands need to be injected into the education system. “The work load is too much for lecturers and lack of man power has contributed to stress and lack of proper attention to the students from the lecturers”.

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