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AJ plans to continue with fine record



BOXING fans are waiting in anticipation of Anthony Joshua’s bout with Aleskar Povektin  on September 22. The fight is certainly a dangerous test not to be overlooked, which Joshua and his trainer, Rob McCracken will not.
That said, Joshua has actually admitted live on TV that he wants to look past Povetkin as the division is buzzing in terms of big fights with Wilder and Fury out there at the moment.
Speaking on TV this evening on Sky Sports News, Joshua said: “I’ve always been looking for the big, big fights and building up my record as well, putting good names on my record. I think I’ve got good opponents on my record so far, Povetkin’s a good one. I’m at that stage where I do want to look past Povetkin because the division is alight it’s amazing there’s some real good challengers out there. But at the same time you’ve got to focus on your opponent in front of you and that’s why I’m like, is he a big threat?
Yeah, but if I can’t get past him then what can I say? Everyone is going to be a big threat. I’ve got to dismantle Povetkin with ease so I’m the threat. I’m the one to be reckoned with.”
Seldom would you hear a top fighter say he actually wants to look past his opponent.
Sure, the Wilder and Fury fight would still be there for Joshua if he lost to Povetkin, but they wouldn’t be what they could be.

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