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Music, memories, tributes as St Thomas Aquinas Choir sends forth Isyaku, DSS Director



 IT WAS indeed a night of memories, recollections, and merriment and music fiesta as people gathered to celebrate and bade farewell to the Out-going Anambra State Director, Department of State Services and patron of St Cecilia Choir, St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish, Agu-Awka, Mr. Yusuf Isyaku.
The event, which took place at his residence on Monday night attracted brothers, friends, colleagues, Clergy, Choristers from St Cecilia Choir, St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish, Agu-Awka, among other well-wishers.
The event which started with Songs by St Cecilia Choir and Opening prayer said by the parish vicar of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish Agu-Awka was followed by a public speech on the life of the DSS Director, Mr Yusuf Isyaku.
Speaking at the event, the M.D Anambra Newspapers and Printing Corporation, Publishers of National Light Newspapers, Ka Ϙ Dị Taa and National Light Sports Xtra, Chuka Nnabuife, highlighted the personality of Mr. Yusuf Isyaku. He presented him as a humble and God fearing man, who carries out his duties without fear or favour, no matter whose ox is gone.

St Thomas Aquinas Choir

Rev. Fr Peter-Andrew Ibeazor playing the keyboard

In the same vein, the Parish Vicar of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish and Chaplain of St Cecilia Choir Rev. Fr. Peter-Andrew Ibeazor, praised Mr.  Isyaku, stating that he is one of the very few men at the helm of government affairs who rely solely on God for guidance and protection. He recognized his humble nature and praised his contributions to the Cecelia Choir and Aquinas community at large.
Mr. Abu Innocent, giving an insight on the early days of Mr. Yusuf Isyaku, said Mr. Yusuf joined the choir in 1975 in Kano. He stated that Mr. Yusuf has identified with churches in Kano and their home town and has gone to identify with church communities anywhere he resides.
Also speaking at the event, the chairman of St Gregory Choir, Mr. Jude Okoye expressed his disbelief at the sudden departure of Mr. Yusuf saying it seems all like a dream. He thanked Mr. Isyaku for his benevolence towards the choir. On behalf of St Cecilia Choir, he unveiled and presented a portrait of St Linus with Mr. Yusuf’s picture embedded on it.
St Thomas Aquinas Choir

From right, MD National Light, Sir Chuka Nnabuife, Rev. Fr Peter-Andrew Ibeazor, Mr Yusuf Isyaku and Hon. Pauli Onyeka

Others who spoke at the event include, Hon. Pauli Onyeka, Mr. Osmond Otue, Mrs.Oby Muoh.
On his own part, Mr. Isyaku expressed his joy and appreciations for the warmth send forth, which he described as one of the best he has ever received. He stated the night of musical fiesta by the choir was a big surprise to him. He assured the choir that as part of the Choir and Aquinas community he will always be around them.
In the Euphoria of merriment and music fiesta, Sir Chuka  savouring the moment delivered an electrifying poem in which he bade farewell to the DSS Director and said they would all meet in new Jerusalem,.
To add more flavour to the event, the Parish Vicar of St Thomas Aquinas Catholic parish, Rev. Fr. Peter-Andrew Ibeazor, gave a special number with the lead guitar.
The highlight of the event includes wonderful choir performances by St Cecilia choir, short public speeches about the life of Mr. Yusuf Ishiaku and Intercessory prayers on behalf of Mr. Yusuf Isyaku.
St Thomas Aquinas Choir

Rev. Fr Peter-Andrew Ibeazor blessing Mr Yusuf Ishiaku

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