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Tales of transformation amid hiccups in Awka



AWKA, the land of resourcefulness, inventiveness and courageous, known for working on iron, copper, brass and bronze, carving of wooden implements, ornaments became the capital of Anambra State 27 years ago. The people are also into farming and practices medicine as well.
Awka is independent both culturally and otherwise, and referred themselves as “Ebe Anyi” means our own.
Awka is made up of Amaenyi, which comprises Ayom-na-okpala, Nkwelle and Amachalla-na-ato, Ezi, which comprises Ezi-Awka, Amikwo and Agulu-Awka and by villages, it is 33 villages in a whole.
Awka as a community is wearing a different look from what it used to be and presently there are both seen and unseen developments, despite of the fact that some indigenes violate the traditions of the people in the name of village cult, threatening the peaceful co-existence of the populace in the town, thereby undermining the development of the town in one way or the other.
To a large extent, despite the local problems within Awka, the development by government is still waxing stronger. One of the local issues that hinder development was government not gaining access to land as some people organize themselves to collect both legal and illegal fees from mainly individual developers.
A lot issues arose due to the perennial burial crashes between some Awka indigenes and the Catholic Church,including issues relating to the traditional leadership that tended to destabilize the town
Yes, so much damage has been done already from which the people that pilot the affairs of Awka cannot extricate themselves.
Engineering local Politics, inciting some people against others, sowing seeds of discords into some people, and sometimes using law courts to delay certain projects did not help matters .
Yet Governor Obiano tried his best to give Awka a look befitting a capital city by constructing three monumental fly overs apart from the lighting projects in many parts of the city.

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