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Herbal remedies for irritable bowel



Is irritable bowel candida, if not please tell me more about this and what to take or eliminate in my diet?
THIS is a functional syndrome characterised by malaise, abdominal distension and sudden alternations between episodes of constipation and diarrhea.
Diagnosis is made by a process of elimination, discarding intestinal pathologies. Symptoms vary greatly but include bloating, wind, abdominal pain, constipation and or diarrhea which are all exacerbated greatly by short and long term stress.
IBS is most commonly due to food intolerance or allergy. Sometimes IBS can be due to poor gut bacteria, quite frequently this can happen after antibiotics or surgery and can sometimes be a result of candida.
Foods for irritable bowel
Fruit: Fruit in general provides soluble fiber such as pectin and mucilage that protect the intestinal mucosa and facilitate bowel function. Apples, pears, and dates are among the best fruits for irritable bowel, in addition to the papaya listed here. Eat more brown rice, potatoes, fish, lean poultry, fruits and vegetables.
Corn: Sweet corn, cornmeal and other corn products sooths and protect the intestinal mucosa. The fact that it does not contain gluten makes corn easier to tolerate for sensitive digestive systems. You can now buy corn, rice and potato.
Papaya (pawpaw):  Papaya pulp soothes and protects the intestinal mucosa and can relieve the spams characteristic of irritable bowel syndrome.
Fiber: The type of fiber that is beneficial in case of irritable bowel is soluble. Contrasted with insoluble fiber as represented by wheat bran, water soluble fiber forms a soft mass that acts as an emollient and protects the intestinal mucosa. Fruit, particularly persimmous and papaya, as well oats, are good sources of soluble fiber.
Water: Proper hydration is necessary for proper intestinal function. When there is not enough water and feces become dry, the intestine must apply greater force to move them. This provokes the spasms that foster irritable bowel.
Reduce or eliminate
Legumes: Those suffering from irritable bowel should avoid legumes, as they may cause flatulence.
Milk: Milk is difficult for adults to digest because of its lactose content. When it reaches the large intestine undigested, it can produce intolerance and flatulence, which can be harmful in case of irritable bowel. Refined wheat is usually the biggest problem and cow’s milk comes next. Cut these two foods from you diet for two weeks and see if there is any improvement.
Other problem foods are eggs and citrus fruits, especially oranges.
Wheat bran: Most of the fiber in wheat bran is insoluble and irritable the intestinal mucosa to a certain degree, particularly in sensitive individuals. Until a few years ago wheat bran was recommended in cases of irritable bowel, but it has been found that it increases pain and abdominal distension.
Meat: Eating meat irritates the intestine and can precipitate the symptoms of irritable bowel. This may possibly be due to meat’s lack of fiber and to the intestinal irritant that it may contain such as benzopyrene formed when the meat is roasted.

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