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Pastor Tunde Bakare gave el-Rufai N160m for 2015 election



CEREBRAL Lagos-based preacher, Tunde Bakare gave N160 million to Gov. Nasiru el-Rufai of Kaduna State to contest the state’s gubernatorial election in 2015.
Bakare disclosed this while speaking in Glasgow under the theme “A New Nigeria Re-engineered, the Role of Diaspora” with Association of Nigerians in Scotland, explaining that the amount was advanced as a loan to the governor who has since paid back.
“The current governor of Kaduna State once stayed in my house and we discussed many political and personal issues. I wrote the foreword of his published book with the little information I knew about him then. I invited him from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to join defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC). When he was contesting for the governorship of Kaduna State, I contributed N160million for his electioneering campaign and he later paid me back,” he told the audience.
Bakare also revealed that he turned down an offer by Gov. el-Rufai to make his son a Managing Director of one of his companies, blaming former African dictators for plundering scarce resources of their respective countries to trap the continent in poverty.
On why he has not spoken out against President Muhammadu Buhari over some recent developments in Nigeria, Bakare said he did not believe in playing to the gallery.
“The Buhari I know will not steal money. Buhari is my friend but I am not afraid to tell him the truth. You don’t stab your friend in a public place. I know ways to reach out directly to Mr. President. If you notice, I did not really start to criticise Buhari until January this year. I once told him that you cannot consider yourself as clean if you surround yourself with many unclean people,” he said.

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