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TAKING strides in the right direction can make one come to terms with one’s own personal style which would help him or her build a confident and fashionable cloth.
Ankara style can be rocked on various occasions or events. Choosing the colour or pattern of the Ankara depends on the individual and how creative one’s tailor is.
It is also important for one to know his or her body shape and what ultimately suites one’s body.
In an interview with Favour, a tailor from Awka on Ankara styles, she said that one of the easiest ways to become a fashionable person is through tailored pieces, rather than shopping all the time.
She said she couldn’t rule out shopping but sometimes, what suites one most is what is tailored to one’s true nature, and that an Ankara style can help one make the right choice.
She also said that most persons change their styles for several reasons. It could be that they feel a little bit lost or they want something new. What matters is the fact that whatever style one chooses should work well for him or her. One of the ways ladies can transit in style is by going with a classy and refined look.
However, she said that it’s not in her power to say that Ankara styles is beautiful or not but to let every one know that Ankara style can be used to create elegant styles.
Peace from Awka said that the Ankara slit maxi dress is more comfortable and this is because the slit provides a lot of leg space. Also the Ankara style looks good and going for Ankara maxi. gown is a great idea. Selecting a style one is sure of the right length and perfect fit is good. The only difference is that the length of the hemline, cuts and style differ depending on what body type one has.
Amarachi a tailor from Benue State said that styling the Ankara slit maxi dress isn’t different from the ways are styled. other maxi gowns, “It’s still the same which means you can pair with leggings, layer with a leather jacket accessories with a metallic belt.
However, she said that the way one styles his or her Ankara maxi dress depends on one’s imagination and creative abilities.

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