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Ikedife decries political desperation



CARPET crossing that is witnessed in our National Assemblies has been described as a mid-day madness and total confusion.
The former President, Ohaneze World Wide, Dozie Ikedife, had in his reaction to the present political party carpet crossing said that the drama exhibited there-in showed that there was no difference between 12 and a dozen.
He said that it also portrayed that there was no permanent enemy and no permanent friend in politics but permanent stomach infrastructure.
Speaking further to our correspondent from his hospital complex in Nnewi, Ikedife, a front line statesman in Anambra State did not mince words to say that it has gotten to the stage of evolution democracy in Nigeria, which had a resemblance of what was witnessed in the Western Region House of Assembly in 1952 dramatic carpet crossing.
“The habit of jumping from one political party to the other portends instability in the country’s political frame work, pointing that what is happening today in the National Assemblies, dated back to 1952 Western Region House of Assembly carpet crossing, over 66 years ago”, he remarked pensively.
The elder statesman, who was a timely current affairs analyst, said that when politicians were elected under party manifesto which they sold to the electorate and later swerved to another political party, such acts should be seen as betrayal to the electorate.
He averted that politicians should stick to their political parties whether good or bad with commitment, honesty, sincerity and not making questionable carpet crossings or defections.
He said that party members and their leaders should rally to repair cracks in their parties to wax on and not obsolete system of carpet-crossing which he described as synonymous with footballers who change clubs with illusionary views of greener pasture.

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