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Delivering Imo through APGA



By Onyedikachi Anyaonyeabor
LET the little David lead to defeat the Goliath of our time, is small enough to pass as a pamphlet and so politically categorical as to suffice for a propaganda piece. written by Okeke, Isa a member of Orlu Elders Council and Director General (DG) Okechukwu Eze Campaign Organisation, it is presented as a handy solution to some of the challenges facing the people of Imo State.
The booklet touts what the author dubs the revelation of God’s plan for Imo State and the process through which The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) will recover her mandate lost to the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in the state in 2014. The book projects the belief in the supremacy of God over the litany of problems facing the state.
It discussed the mission of an APGA guber aspirant, Eze Okey to defend, protect, and stand by every Igbo state under oppression and misrule, while emphasising his mission of leading an exemplary leadership lifestyle to Nigerians in general and Imo in particular.
The 57-paged book is divided into 15 chapters written with the view of challenging the alleged goal of the incumbent south-governor, Rochas Okorocha to make Imo State a family heirloom, by handing the mantle of leadership over to his family member contrary to the rule of law and without regard for a fair democratic competition within his own party and with a view to stopping fraudulent leadership in the state’s history.
The book is a reflective and retrospective tool into the reason for the repeated failure in governance, in the three tiers of government. It delved deeper into finding out the reason behind the cry of masses, stressing the right steps to be taken into politics and good governance, the need to break free from corrupt, greedy, sorrow-laden and ineffective governance in Imo State.
According to the author, “Imo is in dare situation and so needs help. It is in the state of comma and God is angry with the leadership because of conflict of interest”.
While some applaud the incumbent governor, Rochas Okorocha, some show their dissatisfaction, expressing what he called “their tiredness for fake leaders who make fake promises from tired brains”. This he captured thus.
“Imo people are tired of fake leaders with fake promises from tired brains. Today, what is happening in Imo State is a monument of shame. That is why we ask you to support and let the little David to lead because our destiny is what is at stake”.(page 1)
To most of them, the happenings in the state are undoubtedly a monument of shame. Many are patiently waiting for a man who will rescue them from the lots of suffering they have been subjected to, and from the growing disaffection currently spreading within and outside the ruling party in the state, Alh. Isa Okeke has deemed it necessary to come up with this book to enlighten the Imorites in particular and the masses in general on the way forward.
To rescue themselves from the tragedy of the time, to bring to an end to bad governance, wars, diseases, squalor, and poverty in Imo State, Okey Ezeh, the author reveals, rightly fits in.
Okey Ezeh, a star of great value, is gifted and glib in oratory. He is a disciplinarian, a man of proven integrity, capable of handling human resources, with credible track record in the financial sector.
The book is a resourceful and solid tool to resurrect and reshape APGA to rescue Imo State from the challenges facing her. I recommend it to all lovers of good governance. For it is recommendable.

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