Prons and cons of movies


MOVIE is a motion picture, moving picture, theatrical film photo play, a series of images that when shown on screen, create the illusion of moving images. In this edition, our reporter, CHIKAODI CHUKWULETA evaluates the impact of films on society, the benefit and harmful effects. She writes.


We all have been watching movies since the advent of cinema and television in our lives. Earlier, there was just a national channel which would show movies on weekends, saving people the effort of going far places to watch movies. We now have cable televisions, where there is a lot of movies to watch; The internet also made it possible and easy for people to be any where, download films and watch at their own convenience.

Film started becoming grander and technologically advanced. Careers in the film industry, are no longer a taboo and many relocated to greener pastures. Movie industry revenue ensured it’s propagation. Today, United States, Nigeria, Hong Kong and India are the leaders in film making.

Movie is a source of popular entertainment from the moment you indulge in watching it, you are transformed into a new world where your mind is at ease.You forget everything and you are concentrated at watching. Everybody wants to relax and be amused. Every aged person, young and old, literate and illiterate want recreation.

Recreation is an important part of life and movies provide that avenue. Watching a film on a theatre can be an exhilarating experience in itself. This is because a large number of people are doing the samething. The audience laughs together, applauds and share almost the same emotions, This collective efforts experienced by viewers makes the experience more entertaining and enjoyable. It is also a social activator that allows even unknown people to mingle with each other. It can initiate and sustain a conversation with a stranger.

Movie is a social art that brings together all genres of people even if they have different views about the movie.
It is a platter of various disciplines, which shows us the history, culture, science technology, politics and lots more. These disciplines are not confined to one particular region , it educates us on various geographical regions across various time lines.

We come to know about the past, the present, and future. Infact the visual medium is a means of better education as we retain information for a long time when we visually see it. The uneducated also benefit from the content of movies as he needs only eyes and not skill to read or write to understand.

Level 3 Student of Mass Communication, Oko Polythecnic, Chioma Udenze said all movies are educative and that whatever we see in movies is for us to learn and pass the information along to people. According to her, even blue films are educative for adults in a collapsing marriage. Any character you see in a movie is pointing at something and any character there is to teach you something you must learn in life. Some people are fund of criticizing films when they see the opposite sex together without knowing that life is a stage. You must move from infanthood to adulthood. Underage children should not watch movies meant for adults. Movies may be corrupt in the eyes of Mr. A but to Mr B, it is educative. Everything is based on self control.


Graduate of Uniport from the Department of Engineering, Julian Okoye said films inspire us in many ways than we can imagine. Some profound inspirations are given to us by inspirational movies. The old age stories of the victory of the good over evil and never give up ones are apt towards their objective. Films inspire us to be brave, clever, insightful, experimental, loyal, determined and other virtues which will make us positive minded, though not all movies are inspirational but you never know what may inspire whom and through which film.

Nkechi Ude, a resident of Permanent Site Government house Awka said, majority of the Hollywood movies have nudity and scenes and most of the time, there is no actual need to inculcate such. It appears that it has become a norm to have such scenes either as an attraction point or selling point and these are more with younger generation.
A Nigerian based in Japan, Chika Godwin Eze, in a telephone interview said “I do not like movies because youths learn a lot of evil from it. All those movies initiate demons into people’s live’s. Sometimes after watching some movies in the night, you will have nightmares.

It was not so during the olden days. Movies have corrupterd a lot of children. I do not like watching movies, Nollywood or Holly wood, I prefer watching jokes. A lot of people are practicing what they watch and homes are being set a blaze as a result. A girl of 3 years dance comfortably to hip hop songs, how did she learn how to do it. It wasn’t so during our own time. We watched movies in cinema towns and if you were underaged,You were’nt allowed to watch. The government should project the interest of the children.


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