University Don decries waning interest in science education


By Emeka chiaghanam

Acting Head of Department, Pure and Industrial Physics, Paul University, Awka, Anambra State, Pretty Isi, has identified poor foundation as the major challenge facing science education in the country. Speaking to National Light, she said if the nation must outgrow its present challenges, it should start from secondary level where the proper foundation takes root.

Isi noted that most secondary schools don’t have adequate laboratory, which is the starting point of science, since science education is about practical. “Apart from the issue of equipment, most has no science teachers. For their laboratories they have no lab technologist or somebody in that capacity to man it.”

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The university don frowned at the situation where most schools hire science teachers. She charged students not to run away from science subjects and related courses, urging them not to see it as tedious because of the calculation involved in it, “students see it as stressful, but it is not. Challenges will come, but there must be a way out. Anything that has to do with calculation has formula.

If you use the formula, you solve it. Tell yourself this is what you want and go for it. Sometimes, the students contribute to it. They fiddle with their phones, chat with friends and watch movies, while class is on.”

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Continuing she said, “the poor foundation laid at the secondary school level is actually affecting us in the tertiary level. This means often we having to go back to the basics. You wonder how they manage to get to the tertiary level. I would love if the government would set things right with science education.

When the students have the foundation, it’s for the interest of every one.“ Isi, advised parents to counsel their children in the right direction, and not let others instigate fear in them regarding the sciences.


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